Party season

These days it’s all about Mad Men and the 60s! I simply adore Joan- her studied elegance, her hair, her hips, her bosom and her wit. I love that she´s not afraid to be a woman, the way most of us are these days. I don´t mean you have to wave your hips when walking, but you don´t need to hide in jeans all the time, either. You´re beautiful,  so why not show it?!;-)

For 6 weeks now I´ve been mainly in court and that gave me a perfect opportunity to wear my nicest dresses. Call me shallow,  I´m the first one to admit it,  but nothing saves the day like a good old fashioned dress and a nice pair of stockings. 😉 And since December is right around the corner, who cares that I´m on a shopping ban,  I can still dream of a wardrobe renewal! For those of you following my blog for a while,  it comes as no surprise that I´m overdressed for most occasions. I don´t mind it anymore, though. I think people should make more of an effort on an everyday basis. Besides it cheers me up, so why not? Here are some hot items this winter:



Angora Givenchi sweater. Not only is it pure and perfect, but it´s also classy and purr-purr. Miau!

Chloe sandals for the Christmas party. I´m weak for gold and tassels. Need I say more?

Isabel Marant silk skirt. With an embroidered piece in your wardrobe, everyday is a holiday.;-)

Chloe bag. In a world where everybody buys the same Marc Jacobs bags, wannabe Louis Vuitton or the regular Michael Kors, take a look at this beauty! Pure art!

Last, but not least, I need these Chloe boots! Which one is your fave?




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