Summer time

“Summer time and the living is easy

Fish are jumping and the cotton is high

Your daddy´s rich and you ma is good-looking

Hush, little darling, don´t you cry…”

Although nothing but a song -nobody´s rich and there´s no baby to lull to sleep- this is kind of how I feel every summer and this year is no exception. 😉  It might be because I have enough work, the days are long and warm and can be spent in the park or by the beach and I´m head over heels in love. ❤ 13346448_10153630429366711_9136915051439731522_n

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Entertaining light

One of my most favorite activities is entertaining! And what better way to do it than by serving the goodies you´ve just brought home from your holiday? This evening was a bit spontaneous, it happened the day after we came home from Paris. We invited our neighbors and friends Annette and Ryan and their dog, Emi over for a chat. Emi is Sammy´s girlfriend, so she had to be present, too!;-) Over a glass of wine and some vivid impressions from our trip, we devoured saucison (the half dried French sausage), macarons, French cheese, Norwegian jams from the Farmers´Maket, rillette de canard (duck meat spread) and fresh baguette. It was informal and delightful! We should do that more often, we concluded! What do you serve from your trips abroad?;-)

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Birthday girl

Yesterday was my birthday and I felt grand. Ever since I was a little girl, birthday has been the best day of the year, the one day I could get away with almost anything and on top of it receive gifts, too. Yesterday was no exception. Although I had to work long hours, it was one of those perfect days- sunny, managed to keep all my appointments (meaning that train, subway and taxi decided to work with me instead of against me), my husband booked us a table at Baltazar, a fancy Italian restaurant and I got some lovely gifts. If in Oslo, check out Baltazar! Cooking art to perfection. And the best gift from Paris is of course, macarons. 😉 Take a look!

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