Summer time

“Summer time and the living is easy

Fish are jumping and the cotton is high

Your daddy´s rich and you ma is good-looking

Hush, little darling, don´t you cry…”

Although nothing but a song -nobody´s rich and there´s no baby to lull to sleep- this is kind of how I feel every summer and this year is no exception. 😉  It might be because I have enough work, the days are long and warm and can be spent in the park or by the beach and I´m head over heels in love. ❤ 13346448_10153630429366711_9136915051439731522_n

This guy is with me every other week and I try to make the most of it when I have him. He´s been running around like mad in the park, making friends with everybody and stealing tennis balls from other dogs, bathing on the beach and giving me wet kisses when happy with his walks. 13335976_10153626573871711_7630029516447069983_n

I´ve been eating cherries, strawberries and watermelon  until they “came out through my ears”, as we say in Romanian, haha, I know it sounds clumsy in English, but I love the expression! 😉13332848_10153622732856711_3049794627150468651_n

I attended Ilan´s communion and had great French macarons and cake, as well as appetisers (but you know I´m more fond of sweets than food), I almost finished a perfectly mediocre book (no, I´m not getting any less demanding with age!) and I´m looking forward to working less and reading more and getting tanned. 😉 13334337_10153633968266711_1291055997_o

13322062_10153635864926711_926028280681269207_nStealing kisses is my main occupation these days, both from this guy and from someone else. 😉

Wishing you a perfect summer! ❤

xxx, Alina

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