Entertaining light

One of my most favorite activities is entertaining! And what better way to do it than by serving the goodies you´ve just brought home from your holiday? This evening was a bit spontaneous, it happened the day after we came home from Paris. We invited our neighbors and friends Annette and Ryan and their dog, Emi over for a chat. Emi is Sammy´s girlfriend, so she had to be present, too!;-) Over a glass of wine and some vivid impressions from our trip, we devoured saucison (the half dried French sausage), macarons, French cheese, Norwegian jams from the Farmers´Maket, rillette de canard (duck meat spread) and fresh baguette. It was informal and delightful! We should do that more often, we concluded! What do you serve from your trips abroad?;-)





5 thoughts on “Entertaining light

  1. I almost never bring home food from my travels, but what you say seems like a very good idea! 🙂 The macaroons look delicious, cannot wait to have some myself! But the cheese… how did you transport the cheese?! It is so smelly, right? :)) I know when we go to Paris and have cheese in the fridge, we almost don`t want to open the fridge`s door, haha.

    1. I started bringing food home after I saw many of my friends doing it. They´d all be serving freshly pressed olive oil from Italy, cheese from France and ham from Spain. I usually buy cans and vacuum packed stuff and the cheese I simply wrap in paper and then tie in a bag. It´s not that bad, I never think about it, once we get home we unpack and put it in the fridge and the clothes are fine. 😉 Maybe a bar of soap or some lavender in the suitcase would do the trick anyway. 😉

      1. It is absolutely a great idea to have this kind of gatherings! I feel inspired! :)) Let`s see it Tom agrees to carry the stinky cheese in his trolley, haha!

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