On the plane

The Turkish Airlines steward reeks of cheap cologne

And I haven´t seen anybody this jolly in ages

I almost feel like slapping him, poor fellow!



“Coffee would be nice”

“Coffee on ice?”

“What? No! Plain”

“Haha, I misunderstood”

“No worries, I say!”

Wipe that smirk before I do, I think to myself.


My fellow passenger wakes me up

He needs to use the restroom

“Sorry, didn´t mean to be rude”, I say

“It´s just that I´m not myself”

He stares (I love making people uncomfortable!)

“Is it your throat? I have drops”, he says

“My throat? No, it´s my heart.”

“No cure for that, I´m afraid.”


It´s amazing how I´m crumbling down

Within myself

And I still think of being polite.


January, 2016

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