Busy days

These last two weeks have been full of good food and visitors. Although I´m still waiting to get paid and consequently I could have eaten the  case officer alive, I´ve done my best to be a good host and enjoy the company of friends and family. First my cousin came from Romania with a couple of her friends and stayed for a night and then went on an adventure in the Southern and Western Norway, climbing mountains and getting engaged (the friends, not the cousin). 😉 _MG_9229So I´ve cooked and baked and cooked some more. 😉 This chanterelle stew  is so easy to make and so tasty, you need to give it a try if you haven´t had the chance by now. 😉 _MG_9219.jpgThis beauty is Cristina- under is my cousin Alexandra and Robert, Cristina´s bf. The four of us laughed so hard we got a flat stomach out of it. 😉 _MG_9220On Saturday my friends from London arrived, Lavinia, my school frenemy, and her Brasilian bf, Marcello. _MG_9232.jpgWe had American pancakes for breakfast, tango for fun and vegetarian lasagne for dinner, recipe coming soon. 😉_MG_9238We´ve celebrated my bf´s 40th birthday with champagne, banana cake and funny sketches about Brexit. _MG_9240.jpgThey´re leaving today and I´m glad I´ll be opening an airbnb soon, ´cause I´ll miss having a full house!

xxx, Alina

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