American pancakes

How y’all doing? I´ve had a pretty intense week, worked hard enough, received the wood we´d ordered (and helped carrying it with my frail hands and all!), learned how to do the VAT on my own, baked a cake and I´m still alive! 😉 In between I devoured Christmas magazines, fell asleep watching River and messed up a couple of dates- a trial I thought to be this week turned out is due in January! :-/ Haha! Still, good it wasn´t the other way around..

I love Saturdays, they usually start in bed with coffee and Instagram, then I make some breakfast, if I can be bothered, not a morning person at all, listening to Madeleine Peyroux or Daniela Andrade, to get me in the mood. Today was one of those lucky breakfast days, I´d been fancying some American pancakes for ages now! So easy to make, I don´t know what kept me so long from trying! Do give them a chance! 😉


Since I´d already bought the ingredients, I had to find one with buttermilk, ´cause that´s what I reckoned to be the secret to their fluffiness. Turns out most of them are made with milk. Oh, well. I managed to find one, the very Nigella Lawson´s recipe, and I bow my head in appreciation! 😉


  • 350 ml buttermilk 
  • egg 
  • 50 grams butter (melted)
  • 10 ml vanilla extract 
  • 125 grams plain flour 
  • 40 grams caster sugar 
  • grams bicarbonate of soda 
  • grams baking powder 
  • grams salt

I realize I forgot the egg, but what the heck, the batch turned out just fine! 😉


Mix everything with a whisk until you get a fluffy batch. Cook two pancakes at a time in the pan until golden on both sides. Serve with maple syrup and fried bacon from your best china, it´ll make you feel extra special! 😉

I have a Sammy lurking around waiting for his walk, so I´d better get ready! 😉 We´re going to the woods, the white frost is settling in and he´ll probably be besides himself with joy! 😉

xxx, Alina

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