Sunday mornings

Sunday mornings are holy. I seldom work during the weekends, but on the few occasions I do, like today, I make sure we have some quality time afterwards. So I was reunited with my man and Sammy at around 13:30 and after some jumping and smooches from Sam´s part, the three of us went to our neighborhood café to sit in the sun and sip some coffee. I had only eaten some blueberries by then, so I was hungry as a wolf. Soon after, Ryan, our neighbor, appeared with Emi, Sam´s girlfriend and we talked for a couple of minutes. We had bought a small beanie for their newborn girl and so we were happy to see them. Besides being boyfriend girlfriend, Sam and Emi are best friends and they show lots of affection in public. 😉 They play, kiss and lick each other non-stop. 😉 Just look at how cute they are together!


Since I´d left for work at 9:20, I hadn´t thought of shades. So I was squinting here since I felt as blind as a bat. 😉 I never leave without sunglasses in the summer time, as I can literally see nothing at all.


These Ray-Ban babies are protected my husband´s hand-sewn eye wear case. You can order your own on:, they´re really smooth!





A sandwich and a cortado later, we headed home to chill and enjoy the rest of our Sunday. We´re having tacos for dinner and a longer walk with Sammy in the evening. Meanwhile, I think I´ll have a nap and read some more of my book. Enjoy your Sunday!

xxx, Alina

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