Braided loaf with pesto

Yesterday I started interpreting at a two days´trial just to be sent home after two hours with a promise that I´ll be called again as soon as the trial has been rescheduled. So I was kind of disappointed, but also relieved (since I´m pathologically lazy these days) and I went straight home and back to bed where I watched the Brittish series “Happy Valley” for hours on end. After an afternoon walk with Sammy I felt like doing something else than lying around, so I baked a braided loaf with pesto. Very easy, quite pretty and oh so yummy! ;-)

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Ernest Zacharevic

I recently discovered Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic whose works embellish the streets of Johor Baru and Singapore. They´re a fresh breath for the city and they convey a sense of humor most of us lack. ;-) These ones surprise children or animals interacting with elements of buildings or other nearby objects. I find them genius! :-)

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Blue tones

I found these beauties on Pinterest and they describe my mood nowadays. Although today was a glorious day- the sun was shining and I had a couple of assignments that felt more like hanging out with buddies than actual working- my mind has been dark and melancholic for a while now. I´m difficult to please, I need a lot of variation so I don´t drown in the mundane and at the same time a lot of sleep, I constantly search for a way to get more satisfaction from my daily life without having to resort to shopping as a means of instant gratification, and so on and so forth. It´s not as bad as it sounds, but the regular series watching and other people´s post work out joy doesn´t cut it for me. To sum it up in a funny way: I need some cheap hobbies! Haha! ;-) I´m thinking of taking up photography for real. I also enjoy reading, but for now I don´t have the peace of mind needed. Any other suggestions?

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Max Mara

Max Mara is my all time favorite brand and their timeless dresses make my heart skip a beat whenever I see them. So what better day to post these beauties than on a Monday, and a rainy/snowy one moreover? The weather Gods still haven´t decided if it´s winter or spring, one thing is certain though, keep inside and dream of palm trees, if you can! And while dreaming of summer, take a look at some dresses that would make a grown man cry! ;-) Whether you´re a smart business woman, a sporty or a classic gal, there´s something here for everyone! These would be my choices if money was no issue. ;-) Wish I had a bottle of prosecco to drown my longing while we´re at it! 

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A Sunday in Oslo

Today was such a bright and beautiful day it would have been a shame to spend it anywhere else than outside. Although we´re heading towards the end of February, the weather is still quite crisp and we had to go back for gloves, to put it like that. ;-) We live in the Eastern part of Oslo, the multicultural “old town” and love it! It´s such a nice and friendly place, a brisk 10 minutes walk from the city center and only a stone throw away from Grønland and all its colorful (and extremely cheap) eateries. ;-) So we walked to Punjab, as I mentioned in my earlier post, but couldn´t settle for a potato nan, so we had the whole shebang- Chicken Karhai. Oh, yum! If you´re ever in Oslo, it´s a must!

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A Quiet Weekend

My plans this weekend boiled down to a date with my couch. I´ve been watching Bosch on Netflix and it was good enough pass time for me. We´ve been so busy lately, either entertaining, visiting friends or partying, that I needed a complete break from any social activities. So I spent my morning online, then baked cheese and ham horns for brunch. Afterwards I got a new haircut at the corner hairdresser for a ridiculous amount of money (v cheap) and promised I´d step in as her model on Monday. I´ve been told I have Wella-hair ever since I can remember, I guess I was just waiting to be discovered for commercials. Bahahaha! Kidding! ;-)

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Ham and cheese horns

I´ve written about them before, back when I had no readers at all, so I thought I should try it again. ;-) This is a Sunday morning breakfast or brunch tradition! Just ask my friends! I love most things old fashion, including baking. No fancy schmancy cream cake will ever live up to grandma´s donuts or my nanna´s biscuits. And these horns are no exception! ;-)


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