Paris is always a good idea (part 2)

Now, I haven´t been to NY or anywhere else outside Europe for that matter, but I´m pretty sure few cities can equal Paris when it comes to celebrating one´s birthday! I turned 34 on Saturday and I had the best anniversary ever! I woke up to jazz music just outside our window (we stayed in Bastille) and my husband had been out and bought me a rose, breakfast and cake. Breakfast in bed with Paris at my feet, that´s pretty much of a gift itself!

We were supposed to go to Clignancourt for the flea market, but the lazy morning and the prospects of a lunch date with some friends made the time too short. I didn´t despair though, there´re lots of markets in Paris and as it turned out, there was one just outside our apartment. ;-) Lots of goodies- antiques, industrial lamps, vintage garments, you name it! Although not exactly cheap, the prices were generally better than in shops, at least in Norway. ;-) We bought an antique bronze statue, with marble and ivory, it´s a beauty!


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Ode to Odd Børretzen

This one is for my Scandinavian followers. It´s raining in Paris, I have a bit of a hangover and fall seems to be settling in for good. Besides, we´re leaving to Oslo this evening and leaving Paris always makes me sad. It reminded me of a poem by the late Norwegian singer Odd Børretzen and I thought I´d share it with you. It´s so Norwegian and yet so romantic. I simply adore it. We Romanians are so passionate and dramatic and yet I was taken aback by the simplicity of these words. Basically he says that I don´t mind the rain outside as long as your head is on my pillow.

I love Odd Børretzen. We almost attended his concert 3 years ago in Bergen, but it was halfway finished and I had to go to work early the day after, so we dropped it. A couple of years ago he passed away. :-/

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I´m in Paris and although there´s probably a special kind of sin not to be outside exploring, but inside writing on my blog, I needed to rest my feet at some point, so here we go! Besides, I just shared a bottle of Crémant with Vuong and our host, Tanguy and now I´m perking up with some coffee in bed. Taking into consideration all the amount of walking we´ve done these last 4 days, one would need to be Cat Woman not to need a short break. ;-)

Oh, Paris, my heart is bursting out with love for this city! It´s my 7th time here, I think, but I never get enough of it! I usually like a city better the second or third time around anyhow, since I don´t feel the need to do all that sightseeing (that I seldom enjoy anyway). Luckily, we have a one museum per holiday policy, neither of us being especially keen on spending precious time indoors staring at the dead when we can admire the living. So this trip has been great so far. We had lots of time to walk about and admire the city´s heavily draped silhouettes, then sit down for a drink or a bite now and then. Whatever street we crossed, the smell from the corner fruit store would tickle our nostrils. We glared at Parisians, had a glimpse at art galleries, did some shopping- clothes, a scented candle or a brocante treasure. A cup of champagne was mandatory every day and so was something sweet to nibble on.



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Paris: Galerie de Medicis

I´ve been in love with Paris since my first trip here in ´97. I was 17 at the time and my parents had agreed to let me go on a “trip around Europe” with my school on one condition- take my younger brother with me. Needless to say I was quite unhappy with that aspect, but it turned out to be a trip to remember. Details in another post. ;-)

We´re in Paris for 6 days and more in love with the city than ever! I don´t know how one can not love Paris. It´s beyond my comprehension. We´re having such a great time, smiling from ear to ear until our feet can´t bear us any more, then we stop for a coffee, a cup of champagne or a bite. But I´ll tell you more about the trip itself in another post.

This one is about Galerie de Medicis, a lovely contemporary gallery in Place des Vosges, in Marais. We past it twice in two different days and I fell in love with it, especially with the artist Jean Paul Donadini. His work appeals to me, maybe due to its  pop art elements, the bold colors and the French cultural references. I seldom feel the need to own an art piece, but the blue painting is something else! I didn´t dare go inside and ask for prices, but maybe I´ll try writing them a mail. What do you think?

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Birthday picnic in the woods

Yesterday was great. The sun was shining yet again and our friend, Hege, celebrated her birthday with a picnic trip in the woods. We took the subway and met the crew at Frognerseteren, a venerable restaurant on the top of the hill. After enjoying a coffee or a glass of wine in the sun, we started walking towards Songsvann, our final destination for the picnic. We were 6 adults, a child and a dog. Sammy was happy to explore the surroundings, he jumped up and down, drinking water from small creeks, engaging us in his silly schemes and sniffing every dog we couldn´t prevent him from meeting.;-) On the way I picked some blueberries and served them to the others from Sam´s drinking cup. ;-) They were sweet and tasted like summer. When we finally arrived to a table in a sun, everybody started unpacking the goodies. Food never tasted that good, I tell you!;-) We had bean salad, cheese and bacon pie, cheese and fig jam, chocolate cake, banana bread, chips and drops. Yummy! After filling our tummies, we tok the subway back to the city. We were tired and our feet had started aching when we realized we´d been outside for 6 hours! Now that´s what I call a Sunday trip!

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An autumn Saturday in Oslo

Oslo on a sunny day is like a dream come true! Although it´s mid September, the weather Gods still had some summer in store for us! It was such a glorious day to go for a walk and of course we brought Sam along. First, we walked to Grunnerløkka for coffee and breakfast and had a break in the sun to enjoy the view- colorful people on their Saturday stroll, fashionistas as well as young parents with strollers, dogs and their owners, you name it. Sam behaved himself for once, happy to have both his parents with him, he sat by our feet, squinting and drooling, getting the occasional petting and “Awww, that´s such a pretty dog!” I couldn´t have been more proud!


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Couple of storage ideas

We´re off to Matstreif, a food festival, followed by Høstutstillingen, the Fall Exhibition and we´re taking our Sammy with us. He´ll probably be just as impressed as last week, but hey, that´s how it is when you´re an urban bear! ;-)

I thought I´d share a couple of cool storage ideas from my favorite shop, Kollekted By, first. As it happens we´re really bad when it comes to storage, we love things and we have too much stuff- furniture, clothes, shoes, magazines, you name it! Well-designed storage ideas however can work wonders for a crammed apartment!

I introduce you to wooden bike hooks, we have them and they´re great! Not only do they look amazing, but they frame the bike as an art work. Pluss I don´t stumble on it anymore. ;-)

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