Summer at its best

22 Jul

This July is turning out to be the best I´ve had in years! I´m working 2-3 days a week and otherwise enjoying the sunny days. I´ve been going to the beach, with and without the dogs, taken evening strolls and stop for a glass of wine and a bite, made delicious low-carb meals or played urban discoverers in a city empty of its inhabitants. A couple of days ago I was a bit bitter that we don´t have a cabin or a boat, so I remembered I had some hotel points and ordered a complimentary weekend in Tønsberg. It´s a 1,5 h drive from Oslo (read train, since we don´t own a driving license any of us), a small sleepy town that wakes up in the summer, being the rich kids´ playground. Moules frittes, beach and latte in the sun, that´s what I envision. Until then, I´ll be off to the dock from the picture, 10 min away from home, to cool off, it´s insanely hot these days!


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The year´s next destinations

20 Jul

I don´t know about you, but I feed on traveling plans. Maybe it´s because I´m an expat, as a friend of mine puts it, maybe because Norway is a bit provincial or because its weather is a force to be reckoned with. Anyway, there´s nothing that makes me happier than the prospect of a getaway, if only for a couple of days. So after Santorini in August and Paris in September, we were invited by a dear friend to pay him a visit in Copenhagen and I guess we´ll take a weekend to extend him the courtesy. ;-) haha!

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Heat wave

19 Jul

These days have been so hot it´s crazy! Luckily, I spent them either at the beach, in the shade of the garden or sipping an ice coffee at the terrace. I can never tell you enough times: There´s no place like Oslo in the summer!<3

If in Oslo, you need to check out Delikatessen, they now have 3 locations, but the best one is still in Grunnerløkka, if you ask me. Generous salads, yummy tapas and cool cats serving them to you.

I´m still on low-carb, 8 days to go, on Monday I´m starting yoga and pilates again, after a couple of years´laziness.

I hope your July is FAB and feel free to leave a message if you care!:-)

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Healthy inspiration

17 Jul

Oh, it´s so inspirational to eat good food and to see the results so fast!;-) Oysters, shrimps, mayo, salmon tartar, mussels, asparagus, salads, you name it! I´ve been eating so healthy and so diverse, made some delicious quinoa yesterday, getting my oatmeal cottage cheese and raspberry dose every morning and I´m starting to get in shape again, in 10 days´time I´ll be weighing as much as I did as a 18 years old! ;-) Can you believe it?! And all this time I´ve been letting myself get depressed over a little weight instead of actually doing something about it.

Anyway. These couple of days have been wonderful. Lots of walks with the doggies, reading Jonathan Franzen´s “The Corrections” in the garden, my orchids have blossomed and lots of white wine. Enjoy a couple of my pictures! xxx, Alina

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Living is easy

15 Jul

Although this is not always true and we stumble and fall more often than we can pick ourselves up, it should be summer´s general rule. Less clothes, less work, more spare time to do whatever we enjoy most, eat lighter, drink more, you name it!;-)

These days have been strange for my part, without needing to go into details. Today however I feel better than in a very long time. My thoughts feel clearer and I can breathe without restraints. I´m listening to the feel-good `Smart is the New Sexy´playlist on Spotify, drinking green tea, the cat purring beside me and live is simply good.

I´ve been dieting on low-carb for 9 days now and I´ve lost 3 kg, my skin hasn´t been this radiant in ages and I feel fit. 3-4 more kg to go and I can start eating what I want again, as long as I work out and stay away from buns and tarts on a regular basis.

We´ve been having amazing weather, although a bit too hot if one works or is too lazy to go to the beach. ;-) We went to the beach twice, though and it was so much fun for the dogs! I realized I´ve become a bit of a chicken, couldn´t bring myself to swim although the water must have been 19-21 degrees. Brr! Otherwise I can’t wait for Santorini, 5 weeks to go! Three more weeks of general staff holiday, better hurry and enjoy it! Prosecco is still on my list of groceries, even though I´m on low-carb!;-) haha! Have a lovely week!

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A place of our own in the Mediterranean

11 Jul

I´ve been dreaming of a place of our own on the Mediterranean ever since I first set foot in Greece, 9 years ago. It doesn´t have to be Greece, it might as well be Spain, Italy or France, although the prices differ the longer north you go and Greeks are my favorite people ever, no doubt about it! For now it´ll have to be a dream, though, since we have to upgrade our apartment first, then buy a bigger one, or a duplex and then see if the bank approves such a hazardous investment. ;-) In the meantime I found a couple of cute houses and apartments I thought I should share with you. The ones where you can feel you´d enjoy every single second of your holiday. Take a look!

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Days flying by

10 Jul

I already told you how much I love July, haven´t I? I´m dreaming of a whole month off when I´m rich and famous (kidding!), but for now working less will do. :-) I hope we can afford a cabin by the sea or a summer house in Greece in a couple of years´ time, so that holiday can mean staying ´at home´, but away from home. Because staying at home for a freelancer means working, at least a couple of hours here and there. Meaning you can´t go to the beach whenever you feel like it, you can´t wake up at 11 (plus we have Sam!), you can´t wear sandals in case you need to go to court. Ok, maybe I´m too strict on my work wear, but I don´t accept a no-sleeve garment and sandals in court. At least not for myself. Call me grannie if you need to. ;-) But I do get to lunch with my friends and several times I´ve been done for the day at 12, so I can´t really complain.

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