Winter is back

Can you imagine how happy I was when I woke up this morning to see at least 10 cm of newly fallen snow? (hint: not at all!)

This morning was a disaster in every way, had to wake up at 6 just to find out I wouldn´t have to work after all, but then again they changed their mind, so I had to literally run to reach the train, which was delayed (Thank God!), ´cause then I was told we´ll leave it for tomorrow in the end. Of course I´m billing them, but that´s besides the point. The point is there were almost no buses, it was really early, cold, chaotic and nobody should go through that unless strictly necessary. Hahaha! Besides, I had to wear my winter boots! Bhuuuuu!

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Dinner Party

We´ve had a couple of tough weeks, a friend of ours passed away and it´s been a hard reminder that you can never take things for granted in life. On top of that we´ve been down with a flu and working the whole time, too. For two weeks now I´ve barely had any taste and smell, not to mention my runny eyes and nose. So what  better way to celebrate a partial come back than inviting a couple of good friends for dinner?


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Panna cotta

Yesterday we had guests and I thought I´d try something different for dessert, aside from my regulars: dark chocolate cake, Pavlova or chocolate mousse. I´d never made Panna cotta before, but it looked easy enough, so I found a recipe that looked yummy and yet not so complicated. It turned out amazing!


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O noua saptamana


Pentru cititorii mei din limba romana, acesta este noul meu blog in dialectul neaos. ;-)

Originally posted on Oslo Life:

Am inceput o noua saptamana mai putin racita, mai cu pofta de viata, mai cu tragere de inima. ;-) M-am trezit buimaca de somn si n-a fost chip sa mai trag de timp o tara, c-a-nceput sa mieune pisicu´ca din gura de sarpe! Ii mancase Sam mancarea peste noapte si murea daca mai astepta 5 minute, vezi Doamne. Dupa lalait in capod o juma´de ora tragand din cafeaua de ieri, incalzita la microunde, si verificandu-mi conturile bancare (nu va alarmati, ca nu sunt vreun Hagi Tudose, dar pt. ca mereu cheltui mai mult decat am, am o mare satisfactie daca mi-au intrat bani in dimineata respectiva- haha!), m-am imbracat la “4 ace” (dar asa mai sporty, mai neasortate, mai scurti pantaloni, mai fara bijuterii, intelegeti ideea, ca ma inspaimanta faptul ca sunt o “doamna”, trecuta de 30 de ani!!) si am plecat la “Trebonal”.

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Sunday mornings

Sunday mornings are holy. I seldom work during the weekends, but on the few occasions I do, like today, I make sure we have some quality time afterwards. So I was reunited with my man and Sammy at around 13:30 and after some jumping and smooches from Sam´s part, the three of us went to our neighborhood café to sit in the sun and sip some coffee. I had only eaten some blueberries by then, so I was hungry as a wolf. Soon after, Ryan, our neighbor, appeared with Emi, Sam´s girlfriend and we talked for a couple of minutes. We had bought a small beanie for their newborn girl and so we were happy to see them. Besides being boyfriend girlfriend, Sam and Emi are best friends and they show lots of affection in public. ;-) They play, kiss and lick each other non-stop. ;-) Just look at how cute they are together!


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