Copenhagen part I

We arrived on Thursday at around 9 pm at our friends´ amazing apartment in Østerbro and were welcome with bubbles, Danish roast beef, sesame broccoli salad, remulade (a sort of mayo with pickles inside), to mention some of the goodies. We chatted and toasted and pet their dog until we girls collapsed at around 1, but the guys carried on until 4 am. There was the joy of seeing each other again, all those nooks in the apartment that had to be discovered, you name it.

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Derek Swalwell


I´ve done some laundry, decluttered the bedroom, read the newspaper and aired the house, now it´s time for some much needed inspiration and a nap before we go out for dinner. This evening we´re seeing John Legend in concert and we can´t wait. Meanwhile, I discovered Derek Swalwell, an Australian photographer whose work is stunning! Not only are the images beautifully curated, but they convey such a serene atmosphere I feel like jumping right in, like Alice in Wonderland.;-) Enjoy!

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I simply love Cos. Simple Scandinavian lines, impeccable cuts and fair prices. This fall I´m mostly working in court, so I get to wear dresses almost every day. Yippi yey! Since I´m not disciplined enough to find an outfit the evening before, dresses are perfect, I have them all lined up, all I have to do is decide whether I need a jacket, and if so, if it´s going to be black, navy or grey. ;-) I present you with some inspiration for the grey Scandinavian fall, hope it´ll light up your day a bit! xxx, Alina

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Hengki Koentjoro

Let me introduce you to Hengki Koentjoro, a fine art photographer living in Jakarta, Indonesia. I stumbled across his work yet again through Lumas, seems like I get to learn a bit about the artistic world through them. I was immediately fascinated by his black and white pictures, the light and the shades. In an interview given to ndmagazine, he lets us know about his background as a graduate from Brooks Institute of Photography in 1991. At present he´s working as a video cameraman for a production house in Jakarta, photography being mainly a leisure time hobby. If only I had a hobby like this one!;-) Enjoy!

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French interiors

It´s been a long time since I found any interiors worthy of sharing, but today I stumbled upon the works of Marianne Evennou through Remodelista and they´re just great! I´ve always loved French interiors and this one is no exception to the rule! Tell me what you think! I love the simple style, quality materials and the beautiful tableaux!;-) Not to speak of the children´s room, I would have loved to have one as a child!;-)

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Romanian old mansions

I´ve been traveling quite a lot lately and we´re off to Copenhagen in just 9 days, but I started registering signs of home-sickness none the less. For all of you expats out there, it´s when you start idealizing everything, when you miss the food, the weather and the architecture. Not to mention family and childhood. As many other people living abroad, I don´t necessarily feel an immediate affiliation with my countrymen just because we´re from the same country, but when we do click, it´s fantastic! All those common references, the same shared past and the humor, it´s almost too good to be true!;-)

This entry however is not about friendship and compatibility, but architecture. I miss the old houses, the colors, the gardens, the history in their walls. Every time I visit Romania I feel sick to my stomach because of all the neglect and the carelessness, and yet there´s something so alluring about the dilapidated buildings, the feeling you´re back in time, their past grandeur, the feeling that we´re all so small against time..

Take a look at some gorgeous estates from Bucharest, through DincoloDeFatade (beyond facades). They do a marvelous job at uncovering Romania and its forgotten charm.

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