Easter 2014

19 Apr

Thursday was all about baking and hiding inside from the rain. I made all this food and we cuddled up with blankets and Netflix.  A lovely way to start a mini holiday, but would have proved boring in the long run. Yesterday however, the sun was shining and it was time for new adventures. I waited for my husband to finish a wallet he´s had an order on and when it seemed it was never going to happen, I took Sam for a walk to hip Grunnerløkka. We took some pictures on our way crossing Grønland and Tøyen, strolled through the lovely Botanical Garden and smelled the flowers. Luckily, my friend Elif agreed to meet us there, so we had coffee and pizza at Villa Paradiso. My man joined us in the end and we walked happily into the sunset the three of us. Haha!

Today we´re going to the Østensjø lake into the woods. Pictures soon! Enjoy the ride with us!


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New kitchen

18 Apr

It seems we might be able to do some changes around the house this summer, although we had not foreseen it, to put it like that. The kitchen is our first priority, since we spend so much time there and it has such a good vibe. The previous owner was a young lad interested in making as good a profit from selling the apartment as possible. So he chose a plain Ikea kitchen and the cheapest tiles he could come over.

We´d like to get rid of the top cupboards and build some pretty shelves instead. As tiles, we love the metro ones from Fired Earth, they have both a rustic and a decadent touch at the same time!

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Lemon Curd

17 Apr

I started making lemon curd a few years back, curious to see what it was, since the recipe´s owner said she´d been living in England and could´t live without it! I´ve made it for Christmas ever since. I usually find some pretty jars around and give most of it away as go to-gifts or small Christmas presents. The rest we eat for breakfast with scones or on top of some Pavlova cake.

This Easter we´re lucky to have 5 days off and I´m enjoying my first one today. I made the lemon curd and baked the meringue cake, tomorrow I´ll just be reading a book and eat out if the weather allows it.



Here it goes:

juice and zest from 4 organic lemons

250g butter

300g sugar

4 eggs

4 jars with a lid

Squeeze the juice and grate the zest finely.

Cut the butter i small pieces and warm up butter, sugar, lemon juice and zest until the sugar and butter have melted.

Whip the eggs with a bit of the buttery cream (shouldn´t be too warm!), then put the whipped eggs back into the casserole while stirring.

Warm the liquid up on a low temperature while stirring for 5-10 minutes until it reaches a creamy consistence.

Keep the lemon curd in clean jars and in the fridge. Voilà!


Dream living room

16 Apr

I just found the perfect couch, too! I need to check with my better half, but I´ll manage to convince him if he doesn´t see things my way! This summer, things will change around here! No more half solutions accepted and a major clean-up is due! For the ones of you following me for a while you know the limited edition PH-lamp is on the top of my list, almost before the telephone invoice (haha) and now I can start saving for my dream couch, too! The Plank sofa is a cooperation between the Norwegian Knudsen/Berg/Hindenes&Myhr and the Danish dk3 and Dinesen. The latter are very famous for their incredible hard wood floors, take a look here. What do you think? I´m so excited I´m out of words!

Walking Down on Memory Lane- Croatia

15 Apr

Summer is approaching and I can´t help but think of all the incredible places we´ve visited along the years. To put it like that, Croatia was definitely one of them. We spent 12 days in Dubrovnik in 2007 and we were dazzled by the architecture, the pine tree forests and the sparkling sea. We´d take the boat to different places every other day and enjoyed some quiet time on the Lokrum Island, a nature reserve with peacocks and pine forests. The food was a mixture of Italian- with risotto and pasta and Mediterranean with grilled squid and shrimps. ;-) Although the services suffer from the post-communist syndrome, people were really nice. I could definitely  go back, maybe to Hvar Island this time? Any suggestions?

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Sunny day

14 Apr

What a lovely day! And what better to do with it than go for a stroll with Anette and our dogs? We´re lucky to have many cosy areas around and Kampen is one of them. A former working class neighborhood, its vivid colors are refreshing and its wooden houses- quaint.  Almost free for traffic and boasting with a couple of real time charm coffee shops, it´s the place to go if the sun is shining and you have a couple of hours on your hands. Just have a look for yourselves!


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Easter break

14 Apr

What are you doing this Easter? We have no plans, other than a day trip to Gothenburg that might or might not go through. So I figured I should use this Easter as an excuse to decorate with flowers, bake some cakes and catch up on some reading. The weather seems to be on our side (for once!), so I welcome lazy breakfasts, walkies with Sammy and some British crime. Meanwhile, I´ll be working a couple of more hours here and there and on Thursday it´s officially on!;-) Enjoy the ride through my house!

xxx, Alina

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