Marble is in again

29 Jul

I´ve always loved marble! Coming from Romania, where furniture and inventory was supposed to last for a lifetime, I grew up learning to appreciate natural materials as leather, wood, marble, granite, in short- the real deal. My parents bought a house when they were 37 and it took them 4 years to finish it, but they used the best materials they could afford at that time. So I walked on marble floors and I learned to love it even more.

These days it´s awfully fancy to decorate with marble, everything from the coffee table to the countertop desk and even bathroom tiles. I´ve written about it before, but I can´t help it, I love it so much! Here are some of my favorite pieces! Which one do you like best?


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Laurent Chehere

29 Jul

I discovered Laurent Chehere via Lumas, a concept store where you can buy limited edition photography and art at affordable prices. A French photographer born in 1972, he explores  poor Parisian neighborhoods and lifts them up through the themes of cinematographers as Hayao Miyazaki, Wim Wenders, Federico Fellini and Marcel Carné. I want them all!


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Living room styling

28 Jul

We went to a party on Saturday, in fact two of them! The first one was in the lovely apartment of Melissa Hegge from Ideastosteal, damn, does she have a cool place! We were stunned! So many artifacts and so beautifully gathered, it felt like a gallery. We literally  went from room to room and took pictures!

The other party was on a roof terrace just a couple of blocks´away with a view over Galgeberg. Our lovely host Mona was not pleased with us for needing to go and walk Sammy like a pair of  Cinderellas before midnight. ;-)

Now it´s a fact that a party every now and then is therapy for body and soul and this time was no exception. In addition to new people and subjects of conversation, good laughs and a bit of cake to sin with, Melissa´s interior was such an inspiration! What do you think?

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Holiday house

26 Jul

I keep coming back to my initial blog theme, interior decoration. While sipping Petit Bourgeois and hiding from the heat, I stumbled upon this wonderful holiday retreat where Amsterdam-based Anne-Claire Petit and Jan Wolleswinke spend their summers in France, by the Italian border. I love the white hues, the  natural elements of stone and granite, the concrete floors and the light. The simplicity of it all propels me in the Mediterranean environment where one can find peace of mind while making fig jam and chatting with the neighbor. What do you think?

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Drowsy days

26 Jul

It´s been so hot in Oslo it´s been difficult to do anything at all, really. Whenever I´ve worked I´ve done so early, but the way back has been an ordeal! I kept feeling I´d collapse before I´ll ever get home. And I find it hard to believe it, since it´s never been this hot this long in all the years I´ve been living here. So I keep pushing myself to do all the things I´d normally do at 25 degrees, but to no avail.

Yesterday I had to tend to my accountancy and since I don´t get internet from the garden I boiled inside. Today was a bit better, I had to translate some documents and I could do it in the garden with Sam, but no beach for this cutie!:-/

Hiding from the heat

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Summer at its best

22 Jul

This July is turning out to be the best I´ve had in years! I´m working 2-3 days a week and otherwise enjoying the sunny days. I´ve been going to the beach, with and without the dogs, taken evening strolls and stop for a glass of wine and a bite, made delicious low-carb meals or played urban discoverers in a city empty of its inhabitants. A couple of days ago I was a bit bitter that we don´t have a cabin or a boat, so I remembered I had some hotel points and ordered a complimentary weekend in Tønsberg. It´s a 1,5 h drive from Oslo (read train, since we don´t own a driving license any of us), a small sleepy town that wakes up in the summer, being the rich kids´ playground. Moules frittes, beach and latte in the sun, that´s what I envision. Until then, I´ll be off to the dock from the picture, 10 min away from home, to cool off, it´s insanely hot these days!


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The year´s next destinations

20 Jul

I don´t know about you, but I feed on traveling plans. Maybe it´s because I´m an expat, as a friend of mine puts it, maybe because Norway is a bit provincial or because its weather is a force to be reckoned with. Anyway, there´s nothing that makes me happier than the prospect of a getaway, if only for a couple of days. So after Santorini in August and Paris in September, we were invited by a dear friend to pay him a visit in Copenhagen and I guess we´ll take a weekend to extend him the courtesy. ;-) haha!

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