Trondheim part 2

21 Aug

Today was another fun day in the quaint city of Trondheim! Ok, maybe city is a big word, but what a pretty town it is! I totally fell in love with it! I´ll tell you this, I´ll take the first chance I get to go back! Although it was raining this morning, it didn´t last, so I grasped the chance to explore it after hours.


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20 Aug

Once in a while I get to travel in my work and this time the trip went to Trondheim. Although I´d been here before, last time was a brief weekend visit two years ago and before that I was a student mainly concerned with shopping and partying, so I can´t say I´d seen the city properly before. This time Vuong came along to keep me company and check out shops to place his products in, so I was in luck! Otherwise I would have most probably eaten i my hotel room and spent most of my afternoon napping. ;-) Remember I´m a napper?


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17 Aug

This week has been busy and exhausting in terms of work, so I couldn´t wait for the weekend to come. The joy of having a couple of days off was only spoiled by my juice detox diet. I don´t think I´d ever realized how much I enjoy the idea of food, its social connotations, the physicality of it all. How else can I explain why I´d feel so robbed of the pleasure of eating, although I´m not really hungry?

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An expat´s confessions

15 Aug

I always think in terms of an expat, I wonder how come I didn´t write about this topic earlier. I was inspired by a friend of mine, Lavinia, whose blog I get to read every once in a while. She lives in England and mentioned a couple of things she had to change since she´d moved there. So I thought I should explore the topic myself, since Romania and Norway are two very different countries, indeed.

First thing that stroke me here was the weather. I´m sure that´s no news to the ones of you who have been reading my blog for a while now. ;-) You see, I´m from Southern Romania where we get temperatures close to 40 degrees C in summer. It seldom rains (or I chose not to remember rainy days) and I´ve always felt like staying inside when it does. In Norway, rain is just an everyday phenomenon and even though Oslo is much drier than the West Coast, it´s still too much rain for this cutie! After 13 years here, I went and bought myself a pair of rubber boots and a rain coat last year, to be able to walk my Sammy without swearing and fussing about. Yesterday it poured though and I ordered a cab. I just couldn´t bring myself to get an umbrella and risk getting wet.

Another thing I didn´t managed to change entirely is my way of dressing. I don´t wear as much makeup any more and my clothes are definitely simpler (I adore Scandinavian wear!), but I´m still overdressed for most occasions. Haha!;-) I stopped caring long time ago though, instead I just enjoy every opportunity to shine. ;-) haha!

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Juice detox

15 Aug

Juice detox has been a very popular topic in the media lately and although few people in my circle of friends have tried it, many acquaintances have said it´s relatively easy to pull through. So I ordered a 3 days´juice diet from Essentially Juices, pretty costly, but hey am I a crowd joiner or am I a crowd joiner?;-)

Well, I´m not hungry, I´ll tell you that, but boy am I grumpy! I´ve been so grumpy all day I could literally rip people´s heads off! I just received a couple of sweet comments saying I could snack on some almonds and avocado, so I did just that. Hope it´ll help a little. Now I´m drinking cashew milk, one of three good  juices, the other three are made of cucumber, celery, parsley and lemon. Yikes!

Hope it´s worth all this fuss. If I´m not Cinderella on Monday, I´ll ask for a refund!;-) haha!

Have a great weekend, peeps!

xxx, Alina


11 Aug

Even though the calendar says otherwise, I feel we´re coming towards the end of  summer. Although the air is still warm, most festivals are over (not that I ever attend) and the rain seems to settle in. I started work for real last week and each day is busier than the last one. I don´t mind it, though. A sort of holiday atmosphere is still lingering in the air and people are in a better mood than they were in June, before they left for Italy, Spain, France or Greece. Or stayed at home  and couldn´t believe their luck when summer came to Norway, too.

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The perfect apartment

8 Aug

I just love this Oslo apartment! I find it perfect in all ways! Maybe I wish it had been in another area, since hipster Grunnerløkka is a bit noisy and for my taste, but hey, the hipsters are everywhere anyhow so I wouldn´t mind living there that much. Two more years until we change our address, until then, enjoy this gem here! 

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