Days of our Lives

I’ve been down with a cold ever since I came back, on top of too much work- four days in Arendal, two in Drammen and a horrible written translation on the side. On Friday I got Sam and I had to deal with my bad conscience, too, for not being well enough to walk him as much as I’d hoped for. And if that wasn’t enough, my work task was particularly heavy these days, I interpreted in two tragic cases that left me with thousand thoughts on my mind, including the one that people should be issued a certificate stating they’re capable of taking care of a child, before having one. So there, now I’ve said it. It applies for my brother, too.

Skjermbilde 2017-10-26 kl. 12.45.04

Funny enough, instead of making me even more reluctant to have children, the past couple of weeks actually had the opposite effect. I kind of saw myself with other eyes, the fact that, although I might be depressed and tired and all this, I am actually a sensitive adult that puts other people’s needs in front of hers and so I could probably be a good mother, maybe even a better mother than the ones who never had to take things like that into consideration. A bit like with Sam- yes, he would probably go skiing in the winter and hiking in the woods in the summer with a sportier mum, but then I make sure he gets his walkies and his treats and I take him to dinner parties, too.  Plus there’s never been a baby more loved than he is. And I think he knows it. (Haha! How about a scarf?! haha! Take if off, mom!)

Skjermbilde 2017-10-26 kl. 12.45.29.png

Otherwise, I’m happier than I’ve been in years. Although life in our new home is less eventful than before, due to the fact that we don’t live as central as we used to, I love our view, our evening walks in the woods, our glass of wine in front of the TV, playing fetch with Sam at 10 pm and getting in bed by 12.

Skjermbilde 2017-10-26 kl. 12.45.16.png

We have two pretty hectic months ahead of us and then there’s Christmas and then we’re going to Morocco. Can’t wait to! I should start with the Xmas shopping soon, every year I get worse when it comes to shopping with crowds of people around. For now, I leave you with these buns, made them on Sunday and they’re to die for!

Skjermbilde 2017-10-26 kl. 12.45.41.png

xxx, Alina


Romania in 2017

There was no time, there’s never enough time to do all the things I want to and see all the people I’ve missed. 5 days with a tight schedule, some work and a bit of travel on top of that left me with hardly a spare second.


I did have time for some observations, though. And while I always miss Romania and I feel a strong longing for it when I’m in Norway, I don’t think I could live there anymore. First and foremost, the life in Bucharest is so busy, I have no clue how people survive their hectic week. Of course, I wouldn´t need to live there, but most of my family lives around there, so moving to Romania just to live in Cluj is like moving to Norway to live in Svalbard (of course I’m exaggerating). Second, the pay is so bad for normal people that there’s literally no money left after the bills are paid. Third, the political climate is a disaster that made more and more people consider leaving the country for good. And then there’s how women are viewed in a patriarchal and pretty archaic society. No thanks. Still, there’s something amazing about being able to live where you grew up and where your family is, even though they’re disturbed and deranged,  they’re still yours. _MG_1301.JPG

So I leave you with a couple of artsy pictures I took on my second day around town with my brother. I could envision myself starting a coffee shop somewhere in Romania, but not doing the actual work, just owning it. Haha! _MG_1297.JPG



Until that day, see you around!

xxx, Alina

Home Again

A couple of weeks ago I found myself talking about going home. I made the mistake of mentioning it to my brother, who told my mother, who told my father and next thing I know, everyday is a battle towards buying tickets.

“Is there any risk of you not coming anymore”, my father wonders.

“Are you postponing so you can say there were no tickets left”, my mother wants to know.

“Is Alina still coming for my birthday”, the sweetie pie asks.


And so I booked the first flight I could and landed late on Monday, after a weekend of courses and a week of running around in circles – V finally deleted my Mac from his iCloud, by mistake, but nonetheless a very unpleasant experience, since I lost everything from my harddisk.

Yesterday morning, the cutie pie woke up wondering where I was.

“She’s sleeping next to you”, my mother replies.


And so she decided she’d skip kindergarten and just wait by my side, guarding me until I decide to wake up. Haha! Can you imagine?! I couldn’t sleep that long, gifts and kisses followed, we played together and she tried braiding my hair, saying that I look like her mother, but where is her mother (the parents are divorced) and it all broke my heart. I told her everybody would be here for her birthday, just a day away, and she’ll get cake and lots of hugs, too.

Then we went to a coffeeshop for cocoa and banana cake, where she insisted on not speaking to “omii”- “mans”- to everybody’s amusement.


In the afternoon we went to visit my grandma, who is 92 and feeling poorly, it was very sad to see her that way, but at least I got to say good bye, in case I don’t see her again. :-/


The trees were still heavy with fruit, I love quinces, they remind me most of home. We cracked some walnuts with our heels and ate them right there, Diana picked the last tomatoes to feed her baby dolls and I got overwhelmed with warm childhood memories.





Today is my niece’s birthday, we’re celebrating it with the whole crew and all her friends, too.

xxx, Alina

Day Off

There’s nothing I like more than waking up early on a day off, especially if it’s on a Monday. The promise of a long day, doing what I like instead of what needs to be done is  not really descriptive of today, since I have a couple of translations to take care of and a lunch date, too. Still, I get to drink as much coffee as I want in my dressing gown, a wool blanket on my feet, listening to the rain drops outside.

Skjermbilde 2017-10-02 08.49.47

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Fall Days

I’ve started writing a bit, nothing amazing, just short stories I have trouble wrapping up, so that’s why you haven’t heard from me in a while now. Otherwise I’ve been walking Sam in the woods and taken lots of pictures of mushrooms, there’s an awful lot of them this year and they’re so pretty! I’ve been trying to go to a mushroom course for two weeks in a row now, but the planets don’t seem to be aligning in order for that to happen- either I need to work or they’re fully booked. Oh, well. Next year, then!

Skjermbilde 2017-09-29 11.25.52.png

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