Lunching and catching up

Regardless of the cold and the wind, our short trip to Amsterdam inspired me. Norway may be rich and all that, but it’s really only the end of the world! Oslo still needs 20 years more to become as continental as the rest of Europe. If ever. On coming back though, I realized I’d missed the city, as provincial as it might sometimes feel. 🙂  Blame it on living a tad far away, on trying to make it through this never-ending winter or on the commitments Sammy boy implies, a lunch date on a Saturday is more the exception than the rule, it turns out. 😉 But yesterday I decided to grant myself some urban time and invited a friend of mine out for lunch. Meanwhile, another friend wanted to grab a beer later on and so I asked F if he could walk Sammy and a perfect day lay ahead.

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Life is Precious

Coming home on Monday night, we were shocked to find out a neighbor was missing. Apparently the Police had been around, asking questions about when she’d been seen last, the divers had searched the river, and they organized a terrestrial and a helicopter search, too. Like in the movies. My heart felt so heavy- here we were complaining about the wind in Amsterdam and a lady from around here says she hopes she’ll at least be found! And I can’t wrap my head around what this means.

I didn’t know her well, in fact I’d only met her once, but I was won over by the fact that she offered to sit Sammy sometimes, it’s not like I’d actually ask her to do it, but it’s nice of people to say something more than hello since it doesn’t happen very often in this country.

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In December, back when I was planning this short getaway to Amsterdam, traveling mid-March seemed like a really good idea. I mean we were drinking fizzy drinks in the sun in Oslo this time last year, so who would have thought Europe would be swept by such a wave of cold temperatures? Not me. That being said, I’ve never been so freezing cold as I’ve been this past few days in my entire life, walking around purposeless, through the hoards of tourists, trying to keep my spirits up when all I wanted to do was stay inside our cosy airbnb and drink mulled wine.  Continue reading

Long absence

There’s something wrong with my WordPress (or my Mac) and I have 0 technical skills, so I’m trying from my phone. My long absence is due to a long sick period- the flue followed by throat infection and a general indisposition- as well as a “fuck the world” attitude on account of this 5 months’ winter! I’m not kidding you! 5 months and it’s not yet over! 😫🙈 Apparently this weekend is getting cold again, but I don’t care, since I’m escaping to Amsterdam and then Romania for the Protestant Easter. And maybe NY or Fuerteventura in May!

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Thursday off

I was supposed to be in court today and was actually looking forward to it, since I’d be working with a friend of mine I never get to see anymore, now that I moved out of my old neighborhood and that she has a toddler to pick up from kindergarten. However the trial was postponed and instead of doing paperwork, I’m sitting here in my pjs and can’t quite decide what to do next. I thought of making a banana cake, but I forgot to buy eggs, so no. (phew) I could read, but knowing I should’t, I won’t be able to concentrate. I’ll probably run myself a bath to begin with.

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Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve loved dressing up. In my teens, while people dreamt of becoming this and that, when my desire to be a doctor and then a teacher subsided, I decided I wanted to become stylish- haha! I’d wear my mother’s clothes, I’d put on her silk blouses and smell her perfume, I’d wrap myself in her colorful beads and “enter” her high heels.  I used to dream of myself at 20, a mysterious dark haired beauty.  Haha! And dark haired I grew up to be, a beauty- so and so, mysterious, not so much. But what I like to think I grew up to be is stylish. Haha! I know, not so modest, right?

Skjermbilde 2018-01-26 kl. 11.05.51

Tilda Swinton in A Bigger Splash
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