Pandemic Life

I have to admit that with this covid bugger lurking around, life is everything else but exciting. I’m dreading the virus not so much for its potential harm (not that I consider myself exempted in any way), but for what isolation would mean for my mental health first and my wallet second. This being said, there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel and I’ve already started to look at different summer destinations, which is more exciting than anything else that’s happened in the past two years. Except for Madeleine, of course. 🙂

Speaking of whom, she’s turning into such a darling! She’s started dancing and playing on her own and she’s bossing us around like a true dictator! 😉 Haha! Also, she’s showing more and more affection, this morning for instance we had a group hug- me, her favourite bear and her and since her father was in the bathroom, she wanted his picture to join! Go figure!

Otherwise I’ve been practicing driving more and more often, had friends over for lunch and even went to the theater one evening. Not bad, for a pandemic life. Haha! What can you boast about? 😉

I have a massage waiting for me soon and then I’ll refresh my knowledge on driving rules, before driving for a couple of hours with the instructor. After that, I’m making some carbonara and reading Lucia Berlin’s short stories, after putting Madeleine to bed.

xxx, Alina

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