Another week has gone by

Long time, no see. I was busy with my guests, who left on Wednesday afternoon, then worked long hours on Thursday and then summer came back to Norway, so I had to make sure I enjoyed it properly! 😉 Actually summer came back on Wednesday, so we´ve been frantic about staying outside in the sun, drinking ice coffee and white wine, going to the beach and so on. 

You can find this amazing hot chocolate at the Opera house restaurant, I had one the other day, when it was still chilly. 😉

Café Skansen, last time I was there I was really disappointed by the food, but it´s still a lovely spot by the Akershus Fortress.

A random kitty I met the other day. Very pretty.

On their last day here, we took the boat to Gressholmen, an island 15 minutes outside Oslo. We roamed the forrest for a bit, then back to the city.

There´s only one café, which probably opens when the weather is sunny. Just our luck…

Sammy checking out the landscape. I made sure to call him back, so he doesn´t fall in the water. I made a Pavlova for V´s birthday and it didn´t turn out great, so my pride suffered a blow. 😉 haha! Which is why I had to make meringues again a couple of days later, just to prove myself I still had it. 😉

A woofie checking out Sam from her window. She found him cute, as she was fervently wiggling her tail.

Hanging out with the babes, as a beach cutie does. 😉

Shrimps and white wine night yesterday at our friends´ place. 😉 Have a lovely summer!

xxx, Alina

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