Vanilla ice-cream with sour cherries

I have this thing for homemade ice-cream. As with most things I cherish, it reminds me of my summers at my grandparents in the country side, where from time to time my grandma would treat us to homemade vanilla ice-cream from beautiful coffee cups. When I come to think of it, I´ve been making ice-cream for years: I “accidentally” put chocolate mousse in the freezer all the time and I make smoothie with so many frozen berries it´s practically a sorbet. 😉

So the other day we picked some more sour cherries and since I didn´t have time to try my skills at a real American cherry pie, I found this recipe that sounded doable, considering we had guests in the evening. IMG_6093

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Sour cherry cake

I´ve already shared this recipe with you on my Romanian blog, but since not all of you read Romanian and not all of you follow it, I thought I should post it here, too. 😉

A couple of days ago I picked a bowl of sour cherries straight from the tree and I felt like baking a cake, the type of summer cake that my childhood was filled of.
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