Promises of the Flesh

We embrace hastily

Fumbling for words

We can´t say yet

It´s too early for promises

And yet the waiting

Is ripping me apart.


We fall into each other

Wanting more

Reaching for a piece of each other´s soul

Like it was tangible

Like you could measure it in words

Or in prayers

Like it wasn´t just a hidden spot

Like it was out in the open

Up for grabs


If I kiss you more

Stick my tongue down your throat

Breaking down barriers

Unleashing the torrent of desire

Will you stop for a moment

And look into my eyes?


February 2016


My flesh is trembling with desire,

I reach out for you

And smile a crooked smile.


My  alter ego

Bursts into laughter

She takes her full red lips to my ear

And says “get yourself together,

Pleasure is pain and you know it.”

And then she laughs again

“This will only leave you naked,

As soon as he´s torn down your guard

He´ll step on your soul

With dirty rubber boots.”


I answer her defiantly

“No pain, no gain!

I´ll give it all, once again

Like I always do,

I never tire,

It´s how you play this game.


Let him have my heart

Rip it all out

If that´s what it takes

I´ll try my hand at it.”


February 2016



To all my fast encounters

With whom I lost a bit of my soul

Trying to squeeze love

From damp wrestlings of the flesh

Telling myself it was the only way

To feel alive, farewell.


I was content just listening

To your sorrows

And sucking a bit of your sap

Until I realised you´re green,

You´re as green

As an unripe cherry.


February 2016










Like you love me

Kiss me like you love me

Is my favourite line nowadays

It works, but then it doesn´t.


I want you to see me for my soul

Not this pretty shell

Love my nakedness, baby

I don´t want to grow a skin.


I should learn how to be by myself

Shouldn´t be hard

I kind of like being alone

It´s just me I´m not sure that I like.


January 2016




I was inspired by Amsterdamming´s amazing post on our mother country and thought I´d drop you a couple of words on our national day. Romania is the country of my birth, the one that outlines my outer frame, as well as my innermost parts of my soul.


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