I was inspired by Amsterdamming´s amazing post on our mother country and thought I´d drop you a couple of words on our national day. Romania is the country of my birth, the one that outlines my outer frame, as well as my innermost parts of my soul.


How do I love it? Let me count the ways…I love the scent of acacia trees in spring, the scent of hot sidewalks in summer, of quinces in fall and of warm pretzels in winter.IMG_4031


After 15 years in Norway I consider myself to be blessed with good friends. But there´s something extra special with high school friendships and Oana and I have known each other since we were 15. It´s a kind of love, so imprinted in one´s scars. IMG_3108

Coffee houses and terraces everywhere- an urban culture that intrigues me. I love the modern vibe Bucharest has, its young people and its blossoming chestnut trees.IMG_3109


I love this little hand trying out some eclairs from French Revolution.IMG_4195

Another coffee house, this one is inspired by Scandinavia.IMG_3948

Brasov, a pretty Transylvanian town with colourful houses and sturdy foods. IMG_4304

My angel! ❤IMG_3620

Pastry- Oh, how I love pastry! Almost as much as coffee and wine! 😉IMG_1145Not a great picture, but so cute! 😉 Gives me such a warm feeling- FAMILY!

I booked tickets for January and I can´t wait to taste Romania´s flavour all over again!

xxx, Alina

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