I want to write about Rome, in fact I’ve started on the entry already, but I had to stop since I need to change my iCloud (I still share it with V and he’s told me he sees all my pics) and I have no idea how. Nor did I feel like going to town only to fix that, either. Haha! The thing is that when I have lots to do, I get to run a lot of errands, too, but when I have a “day off”, I can’t be bothered to go to town only to run errands. I kind of hate taking public transportation and going to crowded places if I don’t have to. Especially if Sam is with me, he’s my alibi. 😉


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Promises of the Flesh

We embrace hastily

Fumbling for words

We can´t say yet

It´s too early for promises

And yet the waiting

Is ripping me apart.


We fall into each other

Wanting more

Reaching for a piece of each other´s soul

Like it was tangible

Like you could measure it in words

Or in prayers

Like it wasn´t just a hidden spot

Like it was out in the open

Up for grabs


If I kiss you more

Stick my tongue down your throat

Breaking down barriers

Unleashing the torrent of desire

Will you stop for a moment

And look into my eyes?


February 2016