To all my fast encounters

With whom I lost a bit of my soul

Trying to squeeze love

From damp wrestlings of the flesh

Telling myself it was the only way

To feel alive, farewell.


I was content just listening

To your sorrows

And sucking a bit of your sap

Until I realised you´re green,

You´re as green

As an unripe cherry.


February 2016











Hurry up and feel

Feel the breeze on your cheek

Feel the changing of seasons

Wash over your soul

Like an echo of longing.


Hurry up and feel

Feel before it´s too late

Before all you want to do is sleep

Sleep your days away

Because it hurts too much to be awake.


Hurry up and feel

Every sunrise and blooming tree

Every cup of coffee

Every tender touch.


By tomorrow it´ll be too late

The depression will have darkened the sight

And your soul will be numb

Like after pulling a tooth.


January, 2016