September Already


Where did summer go, I wonder. These days I’m looking for my autumn coats to wrap myself in and keep warm on chilly mornings. 😉 I’ve been nauseous for a period and crazy busy on top of that, which is always a horrible combination. But now it seems I can breathe a little more and I’m getting ready for a long weekend in London at the end of September. First and foremost it’s for a school project where I need to follow an interesting person over a couple of days and so I chose my friend Lavinia. Second it’s to get a break from routine and third- it’s my birthday!

IMG_7695If you think making a baby is hard work (for the ones of us where sex doesn’t do the trick), try getting the fetus to thrive and grow inside of you- My God! I’m tired all the time, I could nap three times a day and still be ready for bed at 9pm. However, as long as I can eat, I’m not complaining, try being nauseous from the second you wake up and all through the day and see how you concentrate on work.


These pictures are also for a school project that I called -The Things around Us, not sure what I was trying to do, meaning I’m drawn to documentary-style pictures, but can’t bare to see untidy rooms and so I had to compromise a bit.


On a second note, I have to admit I thought photography would be so much more fun. Maybe because I assumed I’d have more time on my hands or maybe because I thought I’d be better at it. I find myself swooning at other people’s pictures and at the same time never seeing the same things as they do when I have to go out and photograph. Like I take pretty pictures and that’s it. No hidden layer.


Don’t worry, my previous rants on the meaning of life are less and less arduous since I can’t wait to become a mom and have time for myself and my family again. So 3 more months with forced creativity and then back into my cocoon.


Otherwise, everything revolves around the weather. We’re planning all these movies and happenings and end up staying on the couch because it’s raining. But now I’m getting my ass of the couch and hitting the gym, it must be 4 months since last time. :-/


Be good!

xxx, Alina

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