Sunny Days




After a gloomy August and a handful of rainy days in the beginning of September, the sun is out again and all of a sudden, life is so much easier to live. I’m done with two weeks in court in a horribly boring case, done with a mind-numbing written translation, so my will to live is stronger than ever- I must sound suicidal, in reality I’m only very very blasé.IMG_7716

Yesteday I had my first attempt at tarte tatin and although it lacked in appearances, the taste was exquisite and my guests loved it. And we were grateful for all the extra caramel sauce since we had it with pancakes today- yummy.

Sam was invited at this comedy show yesterday where he went with his dad and a couple of friends of his and from what I could see on social media, he was petted, given “treatos” and had a good time. It’s nice to be a dog when people love you for your fur and your gentle nature. God knows he deserves it, he’s the finest dog that ever lived! 😉

This weekend I’m going to London and I can’t wait- I’m getting to celebrate my birthday with afternoon tea at Kensington Gardens, see Camelia, my friend from Uni, who’s turning 40 on the same day as I for dinner, stuff myself with fluffy Japanese pancakes for Sunday brunch and generally stalk Lavinia with my camera for this school project I mentioned.

Although always tired of late and never feeling like putting on makeup anymore, I’m taking my best dresses with me (the ones that still fit) and taking my good shoes for a swing. 😉 So watch out for miss Tran!

xxx, Alina


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