Fall Again

I have to admit I was done with the Mediterranean heat, but did I see fall coming? Not for a second. It’s been raining on and off for days and it’s the second weekend it’s pouring like there’s no tomorrow. Depressing doesn’t even begin to cover it. I feel like going to bed never to wake up again and I’m not even kidding.

45628106_187854688763683_7835279138393948160_nFunny thing- I heard a couple of people saying it’s kind of cosy starting to wash the sweaters again, pulling out the blankets and getting cozy in front of the fireplace. I was shocked to hear it: only 3 months ago did we pack them away in the first place.

I started school again and it was yet a reminder that whatever pictures I take, there’s a whole new level out there until you can call them photography. The thing is I can see what photography is and what not, I just never see it when I take pictures. And somehow on instagram, I think I mainly follow people for cosy romantic pictures and not for a strong photographic vision. Because photography can be confronting, disturbing, sometimes even mundane and I like to dream of other lives than my own.

So here I am, sulking about it, like I always do when things don’t go my way. But then most things do at the moment. Stay tuned for more news soon.

For now back to a new season of Mindhunter and a portion of goulash.

xxx, Alina

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