Elderberry adventures

On my way to yoga yesterday morning, I couldn’t help but notice a huge elderberry tree heavy with ripe berries glistening in the sun. For the entire yoga practice I couldn’t concentrate on the breathing since my mind was drifting towards the berries all the time: Run home and grab the scissors, no, wait, you need to wash your hair and put on a pretty dress first, so the pictures don’t turn into the ones you took a couple of years ago! (link further down) Haha!


And so I ran home, took a shower, flipped some pancakes for brunch, made some apple jam  from the apples I got from my mother-in-law, watched a couple of episodes from Boardwalk Empire and we were ready for the photo session.


Bag of berries in my purse, we proceeded towards the sea, where F did his half an hour of swimming and I read my book, when not distracted by shrieking sea-gulls.

I’ve blogged about elderberry jam before, so you’ll have to check it out there. It may be the best jam I’ve ever tasted, you should definitely give it a try! Can’t wait for Saturday to come to make some scones to go with this beauty!


On a different note, I’ve booked a meeting at Bilder Nordic School of Photography to find out a bit more about their photography courses. I’ve got my mind set on the new beginner’s course over a year, part-time, I just need to decide if I have the time and finances to do it this year or the next.


How about those teeth? I couldn’t believe it when I saw the pictures yesterday, I’m getting there! Before Xmas I’ll be an outright diva! ❤ Haha!

Otherwise I’m busy baking every other day, you should come visit soon, or else I’ll be turning into a mountain of grease from all this sugar! 😉 That’s how you’re all getting Diabetes, F says! haha!

I hope you’re doing good? Haven’t heard from any of you in ages, doesn’t anyone follow me anymore?

xxx, Alina

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