Garden Life

I haven’t blogged in a long time and I realized I’ve kind of missed it! The thing is I’m trying to write “real stuff”- short stories or even a novel and the process is exhausting, I’m telling you! Besides, it leaves me with a feeling that blogging is just amateur writing that no one reads anyways. But then a couple of friends told me they were looking forward to my new entries and so I decided to let you know how things are on this side of the world. 😉

To begin with, I should tell you we’ve had great weather, dark wintry days suddenly turned into summer feasts with everybody drinking wine on the balcony or beer in the parks. The trees started blooming, with a fervor only known to spring, the bumble bees came back to visit our flower bed, we found ourselves outside all the time, dishes piling up on the kitchen counter and we not giving a damn. My passion for cooking came back, too, I’ve baked focaccia, sconespizza buns and bacon pie, not to mention all the lovely salads I’ve concocted!

Work has been a drag, I’ve had lots of cancellations, which left me with the feeling of uncertainty and the realization that I need a higher purpose now more than ever. So writing has been my lifesaver, yet again.

I’m very happy, I seem to have cracked the code for everyday happiness, although I probably shouldn’t jump to any conclusions yet, it might just be the weather! We’re going to Gøteborg tomorrow and I can’t wait. Mostly because I’ve never liked 17th of May, the Norwegian national day, but also because it’s lovely to get away and break the routine. And I’m not complaining, routine lately has been eating on the terrace, sunbathing, planting flowers, taking a nap in the shade and walking Sammy in the woods to cool down in the river.

This was a Friday dinner at Teketopa, I really love this place! They have a yummy 4 courses meal and the guests range from old fools to young lovers. 😉

And this is how Teketopa looks from the outside, tree branches hanging low with cherry flowers.

This would be my famous focaccia with a fresh Pesto rosso and peonies are my favourite flowers of all time!

What have you been up to lately? We’re already planning our summer holiday, it’s going to be in France, on the Southern riviera. 😉 One and a half month left of working, though.

xxx, Alina

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