Quinoa summer salad

As a child, summer equaled holiday. We used to stay with our grandparents in the countryside for two and a half months, then my parents would come and get us and we´d go to the seaside together, for a couple of weeks or so. Summer meant reading, taking care of my little garden, meeting with my friend Irina and getting tanned. It also meant loads of fresh fruit, straight from the tree, running around freely, building huts and getting “infested” with fleas from the neighbour´s cats.

Nowadays, summer for me is first and foremost a holiday somewhere in the South of Europe. 😉 For the rest of the season, wearing dresses without stockings,  walking bare foot on the grass and eating yummy salads is as good as it gets in Scandinavia. If you´re really lucky, a couple of days on the beach and some holiday guests make the picture complete!
IMG_5356Today I only worked for 4 hours, which left me with a lot of time and energy on my hands. I thought I´d surprise V with a fresh and healthy salad since we´ve had too much junk food for dinner lately, and quinoa crossed my mind! Once astray, quinoa gets you right back on track. 😉 IMG_5348


1 big ripe avocado

1 big fennel

alfa sprouts

1 big tomato/ several cherry tomatoes

1/2 red onion

200 g boiled quinoa

a handful of pumpkin kernels

a good round of olive oil





Rinse the quinoa really well, then cook together with a splash of olive oil, salt and pepper. Chop the veggies and mix. Add the spices at last. Serve with pan-fried chicken/salmon and a glass of beer. Summer equals naughty! 😉


xxx, Alina

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