A Weekend in the Mountains ‘

In Norway, having a cabin is like having a grandma in the countryside in Romania. Everybody has it, except for us, the newcomers. And since I have a dog and no kids, I seldom get invited anywhere- at this cabin we can’t have dogs, at the other we’re going with the kids (no thanks!) and so on. Oh, and I forgot to mention that I don’t ski, I have a tendency to complain at times and I can be quite a pain in the ass if not in the mood for company. Beat that!

But hey, I’ve been to a couple of cabins during my stay here and this time I had the fortune of getting invited by a friend to join her at her office’s cabin. Yes, please, I said! F didn’t feel like coming, it was no longer ski season, besides it was far away and he’d rather stay home and fix his bike. Sure thing, I said! I packed three books, thick socks and I was gone!

We chatted, ate strawberries and slept our way through the 3,5 hours of train ride and at 8 pm on Friday we were there. I forgot to mention there was a sort of landslide on the way, I’d say an avalanche, ’cause it was snow, but it wasn’t that big, it just hindered us from getting all the way up to the cabin by taxi. But we were in good spirits and so we thought we should be able to cross it without any major problems and there we were, up to our knees in snow and muddy water, trying to make it over to the other side of the road. It didn’t go very well and now we were too dirty for a car drive, too. The first lady we asked for a ride said she didn’t know where the cabin was and so we swallowed a big FUCK YOU and started walking. Luckily some samaritans saw the dames in distress and gave us a ride. Two men and three kids too sweet for words. We offered them our chips as thanks, but they wouldn’t accept it.  

As soon as we got in, we made the fire, lit the candles, run ourselves a bath and started on dinner. We talked about books, traveling, living in Romania compared to living here, we talked about love and about a partner that appreciates you for yourself and not the embodiment of femininity, like back home. 

Next day we walked for a while and stopped at this cute café to sit in the sun with a soda and chocolate. Then we went further, until my feet got the biggest blister and I was shaking with hunger. (You know me, not much of a mountain gal!) Besides, I’d forgotten my sunglasses and I looked like I was about to cry- see the picture further down. 😉 haha!

The rest of the day I read and Corina relaxed with a Romanian newspaper. We had some dinner, run ourselves a bath and then chatted well into the night, by the fire, a glass of wine in our hands.

Yesterday was a nightmare, I got my period and I had no pills. I was feeling so wretched, I called the coffee shop to ask if they had any medicine by any chance. They did, I went there, not knowing how my legs were able to carry me, throwing up and crying on account of the pain. It turned out the café was closed, so there must have been another one. I felt like a dog wanting to lie down and wait for death to come. I have no idea how I managed the whole walk back- I was sweating a horrid cold sweat, cold knives sticking in my lower abdomen and thighs, I was nauseous and I felt like collapsing. We called the taxi and asked him to bring us some pills when he’d pick us up for the train station. Little by little, the pain subsided, so I managed to fall asleep in the train. It was a family wagon and I swore to myself I’ll never have children. Like not ever. (Although we’re going to the doctor’s for IVF on Wednesday!)

Today I’ve been good to myself, treated myself to strawberries and chocolate, on top of lots of pills.

I wish you a lovely week!

xxx, Alina

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