17th of May, Norway’s national day, fell on a Thursday this year and since it’s Pentecost on Monday, yippie yay for yet a long bank holiday! And given we’re not into crowds, flags or loud intoxicated youths and we don’t have children who play in a band, we thought we’d skip the whole shebang and escape to Sweden! And it turned out Gothenburg was a hidden gem, at least in this summer weather we’ve been having! “One should think Italy moved to Sweden”, I told a bartender excitedly, while waiting for him to pour our rosé. “I know, it’s unbelievable, it’s even hotter than the Mediterranean these days!”

And we had such a good time! And such good food! We’ve eaten all the buns and kakes you could possibly imagine, we’ve had the yummiest vegetarian dishes and all the good rosé to go with it! 😉 It turned out Majorna, where we rented our airbnb was quite the trendy place, boasting of no less than three cafés, three bars and three restaurants, in the very same street we lived in!

“Cum Pane”, where they bake those gorgeous almond wreaths above, was our favorite bakery. We were brooding over which language it was, maybe catalan, I volunteered, just to find out it was good old Latin. Come on, girl, you had whole 5 years of it in school! And the first year you even liked it! haha!

And the whole town was in bloom, the lilac, the pear trees, it’s a sight for sore eyes after such a long winter. We’ve been walking till our feet hurt, thrift shopping in Majorna, enjoying a beer in the sun in Haga, lingering about in the botanical garden and hunting for that Scandinavian style in Norstrand.

These were in Fabriken- too bad we’re not buying anything until we find a bigger place, ’cause I loved the vases!

Leaving Sammy at home with a friend that sat him for the first time, since his best auntie was battling food poisoning, made us miss him like crazy and I had to take pictures of all the dogs I could see, when I didn’t smooch them right there, as I did with this cutie pie underneath. 🙂

Can you guess the color of my lipstick? 😉  hihi!

Turns out I was not the only one with a crush!

We only had 2,5 days, but I loved every moment of it. Next time, I want to see the archipelago and do a propper island hopping. 😉 What do you think?

xxx, Alina

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