Pizza buns

Grey, drizzly weather, drinking coffee and writing invoices when I suddenly feel the urge to bake. And since lunch hour was approaching, what better than pizza buns? _MG_9907.jpg
Pizza dough:

500g flour

25 g fresh yeast or 50 g dried yeast

1 spoon olive oil

1 tea spoon sugar

1 tea spoon salt

3,5 dl lukewarm water

Blend everything and knead to a round and fluffy dough. Let it rest somewhere warm for an hour or so._MG_9895.jpgSpread pesto on the dough, then add ham (Parma is best, since it´s not too salty, I couldn´t find it at the local convenience store, though) and top with mozzarella (again they didn’t have that so I used regular cheese)._MG_9896.jpg_mg_9901Roll them into a sausage and cut small buns. Beauty is not everything, I like my  food sturdy and tasty, pretty comes last. 😉_mg_9904Bon appetite!

xxx, Alina

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