It’s a Hard Knock Life

Hey, how have you been? Back from holidays? Taken a plunge into reality yet? 😉 My week started with a pang on Tuesday, but I did get a couple of hours here and there to give my apartment the love it needs in order to be sold on the first home inspection. So now that I’m done with the bedroom and living-room, almost done with the kitchen floor, I only need to wash the whole place spotless (which my cleaning lady will do) and style it, so it’s ready for the photographer and soon for the hoards. haha! I know I may lack a little in modesty, but hey, I can’t help it, I simply believe I have a better sense of style than “the girl next door”! 😉

Skjermbilde 2017-04-20 10.18.53.png

Otherwise I’m going to Copenhagen next week with a friend of mine and I can’t wait! I haven’t travelled much this year, except for work and that doesn’t really count. So it’ll be a nice opportunity to unwind a bit, wear off some sneakers walking, having bubbles for lunch and gossip for dinner, maybe even do a tiny bit of vintage shopping. 😉 She’s supposed to have booked a couple of lunch places already, somehow I’m so tired I don’t even care where we end up, as long as it’s nice. 😉

And then I haven’t been home for ages and I usually like to go in May, so I’m planning a week’s getaway after selling the apartment. Maybe I even manage to go to Cluj? Although I doubt it, I never manage anything else than Bucharest, Craiova at most, so why would this time be any different?

Anyways. I need to go back to work. Buying another liter of paint and having coffee with a friend, so as not to feel like an unemployed person today. Thinking of making a potato gratin for dinner, stay tuned!

xxx, Alina


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