Romania 2016

Being at home for a few days at the beginning of January was so soothing! It´s a wonder how family and close friends have the power to get you on the right track again, help you pull yourself together. 😉 I already wrote a couple of entries on the trip, but now I got the pictures to go with the story and it´ll be easier to see what I mean. 🙂

Just look at us, three generations of beautiful and strong women! 😉 Every time I speak to this little lady here I feel my chest swell with so much love, it´s amazing I don´t choke! She´s that special, the little rascal! 😉 So funny, too! She makes me laugh so hard I start hiccuping!

“Hi, how are you? I´m fine!”

“Hi, sweetheart! I´m good, too!”

“Who are you with? I´m with my baby doll!”

IMG_8739IMG_8756Cutie pie with her daddy, my younger brother who at one point turned into a man. HELP!IMG_8766My grandma, she just turned 90 and she´s still on fire! She´s such an even-tempered woman, too. 😉 I hope I live as long, but with my nature, I´ll probably burn at both ends, like a match, long before I find some sort of balance within myself. IMG_8768Pretty wintry sunset.IMG_8774My love. So tender and so good. So untainted. IMG_8779Food! Real pickled cucumbers, sour, not like the yucky sweet ones you get in Norway! Roasted chicken and filled pork roll. Yummy!IMG_8782IMG_8763Dad and a cousin of his. IMG_8770Sweetie´s favourite aunt. IMG_8801My friend Oana makes the best quiches! This one was with squash, mozzarella and fresh tomatoes. IMG_8802IMG_8803IMG_8806A couple of Prosecco glasses later, this is me dancing around and singing into the remote control. 😉 haha!IMG_8809IMG_8811IMG_8817Oana, my best friend since we were 15. 😉 IMG_8820Origo coffee- mmmm.IMG_8847IMG_8818IMG_8843IMG_8835My favourite aunt, Mariana. We laugh so much when we´re together, I realise I need to do some pelvis exercise, otherwise I might get incontinent a couple of decades too soon. 😉IMG_8851Prosecco and cake for lunch. Now that´s what I call a treat!IMG_8852Irina, another high school friend. So good to keep in touch. IMG_8856Sweet cousin, Liliana. She´s studying in Paris- very convenient for me! ❤IMG_8859IMG_8858IMG_8869Ladies´night out. Lots of fun, except for the fact that the waiter is too touchy-touchy. And he fancies himself funny. We laugh and pinch each other under the table whenever he´s back for another lame try. haha!

I´ll be back soon! ❤ Stay tuned!

xxx, Alina

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