Rome on my mind

Back home to a frozen Oslo and minus 18, I can´t help but wishing I lived somewhere else entirely. I woke up this morning and had to literally race to the kitchen to make the fire, or else I wouldn´t be able to walk around without the duvet wrapped around me.

Anyways. Back to Rome. What a city! Maybe this is the way to see it, after all, not chase after experiences, like I probably did last time, but let go of all expectations and see where it takes you, what it has in store for you. I love being able to walk around with hasty steps, like I have a purpose, music in my ears, let my eyes linger on a building, smile at the sight of a balcony overgrown with plants, reminisce something from another lifetime, then suppress it with the reluctance of swallowing cough syrup.

IMG_8940IMG_8870IMG_8871Let me feel your skin of burned sand, open your shutters to the sun, do I have a penny, wait, no, I think I got it. Nope. IMG_8892IMG_8914I always feel bad for the street vendors in southern countries, they don´t seem to be there by choice, I can see it in their eyes, they look empty, I wonder if they´ve lost all hope of a decent living or if this is still better than home. I want to get some roasted chestnuts, but I don´t feel like eating on the street, I´m not even hungry. I´m really struggling to eat lately. IMG_8942IMG_8887IMG_8937IMG_8941Oh, you´re so imposing! Not in a boastful way, I can see you with my bare eye, you awaken something in me, something ancestral, something buried right under my skin. You give me goosebumps, darling. IMG_8919IMG_8906IMG_8886IMG_8889IMG_8873IMG_8932And the food! Oh, the food! I used to think French cuisine was the best, for some reason, but the last couple of years I finally discovered what “the fuss” about Italian food is all about. I don´t know why it took me this long. Some things come to you right away, other need to be chewed on first. IMG_8934IMG_8946IMG_8908IMG_8950

I´m back to my hectic and bohemian life, like a girlfriend put it. A two days´ trial (with all the hassle it implies) ended up being over after 15 minutes, so I found myself with lots of time on my hands. I haven´t done as much as I should have, though, but it´s been good. Today and tomorrow I´m busy again, but I´m so grateful for work, as long as I´m on top of it, bring it on! 😉

See you again, Rome! ❤

xxx, Alina

4 thoughts on “Rome on my mind

    1. Yeah, I heard! I want to escape this cold altogether!❄️ Sorry I didn’t call, but my trip was sooo short! Coming back in May, though, let’s have coffee then?!😘

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