Perks of an Interpreter

Yey, 2016 is here and I´m back on track, meaning back to my workaholic old me. And that helps a lot when everything else seems to hang by a thread, I tell you! 😉

Yesterday I flew to Trondheim for a job, but the flight was delayed and I didn´t get to do much, other than take a bath, drink the overpriced wine and eat a real chunk of beef in the downstairs restaurant. Luckily, I´d made sure I had a couple hours on my hands after the assignment today, so I could take a stroll in this lovely city, grab a coffee and enjoy a long lunch on my own. IMG_8694It was so cold I walked around literally shaking, since I´m too “continental” to buy a real down jacket and my coat just doesn´t seem to do the trick in minus 5 and freezing wind. 😉 I never learn!IMG_8687But the sun was out and it was a fantastic day to be alive nonetheless. All I want is to be happy (don´t we all?!), but until that day, I´ll settle for a pretty view, something nice to look forward to and lots of coffee. (Ok, and some shopping! No time and budget for that this time, though!) 😉IMG_8689IMG_8702The winding roads of the old town, aligned with pretty wooden houses make for a lovely area to stroll around in. IMG_8697IMG_8706My favourite café so far Baklandet Skydsstasjon, where the Danish owner serves home-made food and cakes. Yummy! 😉 And you can´t beat the granny atmosphere, either! Check out the shoes by the fireplace! Plus there´s no wifi and you´re asked not to use your phone that much, either. (I´m a phone addict, but I can see where they come from. ;-))IMG_8705


IMG_8703IMG_8708Organic ginger ale? Yes, please!IMG_8709I went with the corn soup for lunch, it was spicy and filling, not to mention WARM! Just what I needed. IMG_8707IMG_8712IMG_8713IMG_8717IMG_8719IMG_8721IMG_8722IMG_8724IMG_8723On my way to the airport shuttle, I spotted this cool café that reminds me a bit of London and thought to myself I should try it out next time. I´m in town again next week, care to join me?! 😉 IMG_8728

xxx, Alina

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