Louboutin love story

My love story with the fabulous Louboutin shoes began 4 years ago when I was interpreting in a 3 months’ long human trafficking case in Bergen. I would pass by a luxury store on my way “home” to the hotel every single day and drool on a particular pair-beige Oxfords with laces. Until I had to buy them one day, and they’re still my most outrageous treat, to this day! 😉cx-ngupuwaairdm

I didn´t use to go out a lot, unless it was coffee or a dinner in town, so my wardrobe was mainly concentrated on serious working clothes, walking Sammy outfits or dinner parties’ dresses. 😉 But now that I´m trying to find my pace in the world again, I might need some heels to lift me up a bit. 😉cxqozrzueaa337v

I usually swear to the classic pieces, especially when it comes to shoes. And what can be more classy than a pair of silver pumps? 😉cw88wwjuqaanaebcwycsujuaae2o5y

I want to see the world in a pair of Louboutins, please! 😉

xxx, Alina

Source: Louboutin´s tweeter account

2 thoughts on “Louboutin love story

    1. Thanks, sweets! No worries! It´s me, I´m always so uninspired with timing! 😉 But life goes on and I´m doing a bit better for each day that passes.

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