Pretty things I fancy

Fall is here and I´m getting cosy in our apartment again, digging up the wool blankets, lighting candles and making soup. I´m starting dinner early these days, a glass of red wine in my hand, and let the flavours work their magic as long as they need to- soups, curries and baked veggies all the way. Yesterday I even made some apple jam from fallen apples in the neighbourhood, I´ll be sure to post the recipe in a couple of days´ time.

Since most time is spent indoors nowadays, I feel the need to renew this and that while I dream about exotic holidays and good books. So I made a short list of the most beautiful things I´ve seen in stores lately! 

Those adorable Duralex Picardie glasses are said to be unbreakable and they can be stacked up to the ceiling. 😉 This is a “funny” edition of the classic glasses, yes please! This watering can made of brass and walnut tree is just beautiful! The organic lines, the simplicity, the perfection of it all blows me away! High on my list!The Unico vase is a cooperation between Kähler and Anders Arhøj. I love its ochre color as well as its oriental look. Perfect for a fall bouquet of hydrangeas, if you ask me!

This lamp is starting to gain terrain in Oslo and you can see it in a couple of stylish bars and restaurants, like Territoriet. I´ve been intrigued by it for a while now and today I realised I actually want one, too! 😉12032983_442692005919674_3651064573290929153_n-2

Last, but not least, I want an office chair that speaks to me and this looks amazing! I´m actually all about comfort, so I don´t know if it suits my standards, but do I love its color and form? Oh, yeah!


One thought on “Pretty things I fancy

  1. You described autumn so perfectly, my favourite time of the year sipping wine, candlelight, stormy skies, fading light, hot chocolate, falling leaves, i’m so excited about it xx

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