Oslo life

This week has been quite uneventful for my part- I started working on Tuesday, did some laundry and some spring cleaning in between, took a couple of longer walks with Sammy, “stole” some lilac branches from the park every other day and went to a dinner party yesterday.

Norway is still giving summer a thought, keeping us “en suspense” for now and I find it hard to dress, always ending up on the wrong side of the scale, either too cold for my outfit, or too hot. Layering is the solution, I just need to learn how to do it properly! 😉

Domestic life is blissful, especially after so much going on on our holiday in Romania, it´s good realx, do as little as possible, only worry only about what´s for dinner and what to read afterwards. Speaking of reading, I´m still on “Morometii” by Marin Preda, a lovely Romanian novel that has several decades of history as a backdrop and the farmer´s psychology as a key subject. Laughing, smiling and sighing my way through it, the hours go by unfelt, so that when I finally look at the clock it´s past 2 am.

Getting my babies back is such a blessing! I´d missed them so much, it felt crazy to be apart for so long! The cat, mr. Beo is 11 years old this year and he´s turning into a tyrant, miaowing his way around the apartment, alarmed and jealous, open that door, close the other one, let me sleep with you, no, don´t move your feet and please don´t pet the dog while I´m around! I simply won´t have any of that! 😉

I´ve been out with Sam for a couple of hours, first a walk to the marina and then a little bit of suntanning in the park. He´s been chewing on his precious stick beside me, in the shade. It´s almost warm, had the wind been still. Can´t ask for too much, though. Bought some water melon to remind me of Romania´s heat waves and that´ll do for now. Think I´m gonna take a nap!

Have a lovely Saturday! ❤

xxx, alina

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