A night out in Bucharest

Since we´re on a holiday in Bucharest for some days now, we decided to invite my family out for a better meal. Choosing a restaurant would normally sound like a nice and simple task, but proved to be a mine field this time. Not this one, not that other one, not in the city centre, ´cause the buildings are crumbling down, not traditional food, ´cause it´s not properly cooked, but not Italian, either, ´cause you don´t go to town to eat spaghetti, you get the point… The whole thing turned into a quarrel and I and my father no longer speak for the moment. Democracy was never the strong point in our family.


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Braided loaf with pesto

Yesterday I started interpreting at a two days´trial just to be sent home after two hours with a promise that I´ll be called again as soon as the trial has been rescheduled. So I was kind of disappointed, but also relieved (since I´m pathologically lazy these days) and I went straight home and back to bed where I watched the Brittish series “Happy Valley” for hours on end. After an afternoon walk with Sammy I felt like doing something else than lying around, so I baked a braided loaf with pesto. Very easy, quite pretty and oh so yummy! 😉

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