A night out in Bucharest

Since we´re on a holiday in Bucharest for some days now, we decided to invite my family out for a better meal. Choosing a restaurant would normally sound like a nice and simple task, but proved to be a mine field this time. Not this one, not that other one, not in the city centre, ´cause the buildings are crumbling down, not traditional food, ´cause it´s not properly cooked, but not Italian, either, ´cause you don´t go to town to eat spaghetti, you get the point… The whole thing turned into a quarrel and I and my father no longer speak for the moment. Democracy was never the strong point in our family.


We decided to go for Indian, since it was such a huge success in Vienna. The four of us: me and V, my brother and my sister-in-law met at Haveli, supposedly the best Indian restaurant in Bucharest. And we can´t complain- the service was attentive, the place was nice (clean and with a non-smoking area) and the food was delicious. We´ve had better Indian food, but Bucharest is only just getting started, so. Besides, aside for the chicken being a bit dry, we couldn´t point to anything in particular.

IMG_3288We had butter chicken, chicken vindaloo and chicken kardai, with yummy butter nan and steamed rice. And although we were all too full, we couldn´t skip dessert! So we had mango ice-cream, which was absolutely fabulous! IMG_3296




After some spicy chicken, beer and laughs, we decided to go out for drinks, at our favourite café and bar- Origo. They have the most delicious cocktails ever and we couldn´t wait to share the secret with our dearest family. Unfortunately they weren´t as impressed as we are, I think they need to travel a bit more and maybe even live a bit abroad to fully get it. 😉



Toasting for family and friendship, we talked about my brother and his wife taking a trip to Oslo in August and how much we´d love to show them around! 😉 How we´d go swimming from one of the islands outside the city, how we´d go out for beer by the harbour in the evening and have a barbecue in the park one day. IMG_3321




IMG_3347On our way home, we spotted this cute bar and took pictures of its party lights through an open window. My brother called us voyeurs, but come on, we only tried to catch the city´s pulse!

xxx, Alina

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