Foraging for wild mushrooms


Yesterday´s trip to the woods worked wonders for a shaky psyche and if you don´t already do it regularly, I sure recommend it! I had an admission exam for interpreting studies and I couldn´t say how it went. I was so frustrated at the fact that I couldn´t take notes and that they went along with a stupid newspaper article instead of a subject from real life, I didn´t know what to do with myself!


So getting out of the city was a matter of survival. It´s a blessing to be far away from civilisation (and yet still have internet coverage ;-)), just roam freely, with a new friend and my best buddy, Sam. 😉

Mushrooms was just a pretext to get out of the house, but it worked well, I like strolling with a purpose, it makes the journey more agreeable. IMG_7358



The forrest looked enchanted, so mossy and green, so deep and so secluded and yet just a 20 minutes bus ride away from our home.IMG_7380


What better way to cook mushrooms than by frying them in a pan with lots of butter, sea salt and pepper? 😉IMG_7447

IMG_7448Et voilà! Yummy!

xxx, Alina

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