I´ve been feeling sad today

And I can neither blame it on PMS,

Nor on the feeling of unrequited love.


I don´t really know why I´m sad now

Meaning if I´m sad because I´m sad,

Or if I´m sad because I´m happy

And since happy is not a familiar place,

I hurry back to sad

Because I can do sad better.


Am I this broken, or is this normal?

Listening to Amy Winehouse-

“At least I´m not drinking”, she sings-

I wish I could drink myself senseless,

So I don´t feel a damn thing

Feeling is overrated,

My depression seems alluring now.


February 2016



No filter

“Don´t forget the shoes!”

The shoes, right!

Or else I´d have to walk bare-footed,

I´d probably burn my feet

On the ice.


“Don´t forget your coat!”

The coat, right!

I´ll keep that in mind

I should sew my buttons, too

It´s getting colder by the day.


Never mind, never mind,

There´s no place for so much feeling

The internet is flooded with words

And people in their right mind suffer secretly.


“People, you say?”

What do I care about people?

I´m my own people

My own species and my own kind.

I have no filter.


January, 2016