Berlin Fashion Week

Hi y’all? Missed me yet? We´re in Berlin for the SEEK trade show and it´s been an adventure of all sorts! 😉 I have a couple of fair advice coming up, but this blog entry is about Berlin vibes and holiday “wanderlust”. I love this city, as you might have noticed if you´ve followed my travels for a while now. If there´s one city I´d move to in Europe regardless of the weather (and you know me and weather!) and language, it would be Berlin! Such a cool place, full of positive energy, creative people and progressive paths!

This week is Berlin Fashion week, meaning you´ll see lots of beautiful people busy looking stylish everywhere, especially around the fairs. 😉 The 50’s look is very popular, mostly with the locals, it seems. The committed fashionistas are skinny and sour (think about Posh Spice), the young retailers are bold and black from top to toe, the Italians are crazy with their outfits (both wow and yuck) and the sporty ones are simply cool. The coolest cats are however the Japanese, they looks as though they came from another planet entirely, completely unaffected by norms or expectations. 😉


This is the area around Arena Berlin, where SEEK is located. Very far East, very bohemian, very cool. On Tuesday we had to be there early to check that everything is in order and style our booth. This only took an hour, so we headed back to town on foot and found this super cute café on our way. IMG_5603

IMG_5605Monday was a long day and we were both nervous with anticipation, so we cooled our nerves over a long breakfast- coffee and then some more coffee, please!


Berlin was hot as a stove, green and enormous. On our way to town, we bumped into another fair and had a look. The outside area was inviting, but we had shopping on our list… 😉 IMG_5619

33 degrees C called for another break, this time we called it lunch- quinoa salad and beetroot cauliflower salad. Berlin is the best city I´ve been to when it comes to healthy food, it´s everywhere, it´s affordable and it´s delicious! In Oslo you´ll spend 10 euros on a quinoa salad half the size of this one and chances are most places only sell sandwiches. No wonder I keep putting on weight running around like I do. I should go home for lunch and siesta, like they do it further South. 😉IMG_5622


My husband. Effortless cool, I don´t know how he does it. 😉IMG_5658

In the evening we had dinner at the restaurant closest to our hotel Dudu; they make not only delicious, but also stunningly beautiful sushi and other Japanese varieties. We had spicy edamame for starters, nigiri, sashimi and drinks. Mine was called “Marry me” and had we not been married for 10 years, I swear I would! It was divine! Raspberry, Prosecco and some other wonders I forget now. IMG_5662





Later on we went to Jason Markk and Firmament´s party in Mitte, where we got soaked from the rain, had a couple of beers and chats and ran into this cutie who was scared of lightning. Look at him! I felt so sorry for him!


IMG_5678Stay tuned for more!

xxx, Alina

5 thoughts on “Berlin Fashion Week

    1. We did! Berlin is the CITY with a capital C! Could move there tomorrow if there was something creative I could do, that didn´t involve German. 😉

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