First Day of Fall

I’ve been meaning to write for ages, but there’s never any time. I started on this entry last week, after I passed the theory exam for the driving license, but I only got to write the two first paragraphs. I was feeling deliriously happy, yet very very tired, and so I opted for a nap instead. That pretty much sums up my life lately- if you got 30 minutes, take a nap. Haha.

Earlier this summer, I wanted to write about our holiday in Romania, about meeting my family after 1,5 year, about the freedom of having a babysitter all of a sudden, about how incredibly hot it was in Bucharest and how all I wanted to was to hide from the sun, about how amazing it was for Madeleine to have her parents by her side 24/7 and how she would hold both our hands while walking, but then the holiday started to feel like long time ago and by the time I found a break, the memories had already faded.

And so I’ll be writing about everyday life instead. About short days and macaroni with butter, about fried rice and tiny feet running around the living room until they’re too tired to carry the small body they belong to. 🙂

Lately she’s been waking up around 6 (for months and months it was 5-5:30 and that half an hour- an hour makes all the difference!) and I turn on the TV on cartoons and fetch her milk bottle while I brew myself some coffee. When it’s really early, we watch a cute Swedish series called Sjølykkan while we cuddle, most days though it’s “children’s TV” while I read the news on my phone, we still get to cuddle. 🙂 After breakfast – if I’m lucky she eats the first thing I make, if not I have to make up to 3 dishes hoping one of them will be the winner- she starts running around with her bears, talking to Sam or playing with her strollers. Around 8:20 we leave for kindergarten where she’s happily playing (and sleeping) until I pick her up at 3:15-3:30.

Meanwhile I work, if there’s any work, I try to tidy up a bit (the kitchen looks like swept by a hurricane every single day), walk Sam if he’s with us, take a nap if I woke up before 6, buy some groceries and Sim Salabim it’s pick up time from day care. Most days are very uneventful, sometimes I find the time to lunch with friends or take a massage, in between translating messages, court hearings and preparing for the translation exam I have coming up in October. Other days, I feel like I’m an underpaid stay home mum. 😉 The afternoons are a swirl of macaroni, cartoons, ice cream, reading and falling asleep together with me and her bears. On a good evening, she hardly wakes up and we get to eat our dinner and watch some series, otherwise I’m in and out of her bedroom putting her back to sleep each time she wakes up (for various reasons). At 9:30 I’m dead and buried and go right to sleep.

How about you? How are you doing?

xxx, Alina

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