Too much on my plate


You know the feeling when the alarm rings and you can’t even budge? This is how my mornings have been lately- my body stiff with exhaustion, my limbs aching and my head throbbing with pain. It’s your own fault, I sometimes tell myself, but then it isn’t really, it’s just how this line of work is, either too much or too little to do. A lawyer colleague of mine put it well when I asked him the casual “How’s it going?” and he replied “It’s going to hell, all right”.  Haha!

IMG_7597.jpgAnyways. Aside from being too busy and not doing a great job at photography, not to mention not baking or taking any pictures of my own food, I’m ok, I guess. I try to find joy in the little things and I usually manage, too. Spring is here and I can wear shoes instead of boots, I got myself a vintage clutch from Reprise and I’m waiting for F to invite me to dinner to take it out. 😉 Not to mention I can walk Sam in the woods without endangering my life on ice- haha! Just look how happy he is here! 😉


We’re going to Helsinki for Easter and we rented this super cute airbnb apartment with a  sauna and a balcony, I can’t wait to sip ginger ale while looking at passers by. I just hope it won’t be as empty as Oslo, when everybody goes to the mountains to ski. Helsinki is a bit Russian, I kept hearing lately and at first I was- ok, Russian how, I sure hope not Russian as in grey commie blocks? I was envisioning something else, to tell you the truth, but now I’m more like- I haven’t been to Russia, so bring it on!


For the 17th of May we’re going to Nice with some friends to drink cremant by the sea and hunt for treasures in the vintage markets- meaning I hunt and F tries to persuade me why we don’t need any more “junk”. Watch me win! 😉

I have an assignment I’m working on until Monday, after that I’ll be reading and getting ready for Easter.

Have a good week, lovelies!

xxx, Alina


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