My future abode

I’m a diva to the bone- crazy about the real bourgeois feeling with dark colors, heavy velvet/silk curtains, wooden board flooring and industrial windows. Also I’m a sucker for the artsy chaos you see in the magazines, but find it hard to stop when the look is just right and end up with a bohemian look instead.Skjermbilde 2016-10-22 18.49.38.pngNext on my list is a new comfy couch, preferably this very one from the Danish Eilersen.
Skjermbilde 2016-10-23 11.24.17.pngI also need a better bed, a large and luxurious one, wrapped in the nicest linen from Høie, for example. And the color beneath is exactly the one I’ll be painting my bedroom in, a dark greyish, that invites you to hit the sack and dream about a trip to New York.skjermbilde-2016-10-23-11-27-05

What do you reckon?

xxx, Alina


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