On fall and life

This week has been crazy busy, I´ve been working like mad, travelled to Molde and back, which ruined me for a couple of days, shone the house for an airbnb guest, bought some flowers and a much-needed pair of jeans from Filipa K. _MG_9892.jpgI was actually talking to a friend, this is what it must have felt like for our parents, to have so little money that you barely make the bills and then discover the kids need jeans, winter coats and winter boots. haha! So I´m leaving the boots and coat for next month and hope for loads of airbnb guests by then! 😉 My fairly expensive taste might be the reason for my ruin in the first place. 😉 _MG_9890.jpgMeanwhile, fall is dripping into the living-room and it’s so pretty it hurts. I sometimes think of the day when I will live in another place entirely and I cringe, not because I don’t want to start anew, just because it’s so hard to imagine fall any more beautiful than this. _MG_9889.jpgChocolate coated almonds and coffee for breakfast. _MG_9894.jpg Yesterday we discovered “Midnight Dinner: Tokyo Stories” and the ambience was so nice and cosy we wanted to teleport ourselves there for ramen noodles and Asahi beer.

xxx, Alina

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