I can barely believe it, spring is finally here! You have no idea how long I´ve been waiting for it, walking around in tiny jackets and freezing my b* off! But yesterday it finally came to town!13173951_10153575516021711_2079426043751079096_nAnd what better way to celebrate it than go bananas in the berry department?! 😉 Oh, and them macarons! 😉 I can never resist them! Although these were more pretty than tasty…13133143_10153574385556711_343870078521257066_nWhenever the sun is shining, I´m happy bordering crazy! Yesterday I was extremely unprofessional, getting so bored inside a prison room with an associate lawyer as stiff as a corpse and a police detective as thorough as an accountant, I actually asked during the break if I could make it in time to the Wine Monopoly! They were supposed to close at 3, but they didn´t, so the bank holiday was saved! 😉 haha!13138745_10153574385426711_2135362655045124131_nTrying to read these days is like trying to stand on my head. I just can´t seem to pull myself together enough for such an endeavour. 😦 Well, better times will come. At least there´s a will, you know what they say..13184680_10153574382331711_1058663456_oBest dessert ever- strawberries, sugar and rosé. Yummy! 😉 Have a great weekend! ❤

xxx, Alina

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