May is here already, time sure flies fast, next Tuesday I´ll be going home for a whole week! Yippee! Meanwhile I´ve been doing some work related traveling, attended a couple of parties, congratulated a friend of mine with her newborn baby and went to see her, walked Sammy in the woods and now I´m thinking of starting on a diet or joining the gym. I hate both of them, but the gym appeals to me even less than food restrictions!:-(13147871_10153571728756711_136718370044423235_o



Today I moved my office to the coffee shop, I did get some work done, but I also spilled coffee and my laptop and eavesdropped on all the conversations held there. haha!13087064_10153571729046711_8295408490766376952_o

Saturday it was a rainy day and Samoyeds know how to enjoy themselves. 😉13131421_10153571728951711_8412705750767526926_o

On our way to a dinner party. 😉13147513_10153571729226711_366145155839988927_oSunday, however, was quite a different story. Here with Sammy along the Alna river. 😉

xxx, Alina

2 thoughts on “May

  1. I totally agree that going to the gym is more appealing than food restrictions. It’s what I do most of the time, but I’m slowing getting better about eating better. It’s just a slow process all around.

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