Yayoi Kusama

If you haven´t had the chance to see the exhibition yet, you should! I´ve been meaning to go for ages and I´m happy to say I can finally check it off my list! It closes on the 15th, so it was now or never. I´d never been to Henie Onstad, mainly because I don´t drive and I never go out of town if I don´t have to, unless it´s for the big abroad!

But Kusama was impressing! Of course, we could have picked a better day, Sundays are busy and there were queues and kids everywhere, but then I´m not the very artsy type, so I didn´t need ages to see everything, I was happy to take in the atmosphere and get dizzy from all the polka dots. 😉13174112_10153581322056711_4753470620611204367_nIf the snakes are not your thing, surely the pumpkins are! I for one love them to bits!13173927_10153581322181711_965595030203711157_nAnd the mirrors.So cool!13177277_10153581322281711_7610781826479199187_n11217822_10153581322266711_3431922928407587981_nIn this room full of paper lamps that were continuously changing color, a little man said: “Wow, mom, this is just great!”13151929_10153581322081711_3855467739726403340_nLast, but not least, some more pumpkins. 😉13151494_10153581352651711_8745973586637319282_n

Sleep well! 😉 And dream of polka dots!

xxx, Alina

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