How y’all doing ? These days I´m still a bit up and down and I tend to find people tiresome. And since I meet lots of them in my line of work, some days I´m simply beat without doing much at all. 😉 I don´t even know if it´s anxiety or good old contempt. My therapist planted this idea- what if your contempt for people is rooted in contempt for yourself? Too deep on a Friday evening, though. 😉 haha!

As long as I have my bear and my special someone though, all´s good in the world. We´ve had a bit of sun lately (although it´s still awfully cold!) and so I´ve been exploring the neighbouring woods with Sammy boy. 😉13078258_10153549181381711_225484625_oA selfie in the Ekeberg woods- two happy troopers. 😉13062598_10153546984036711_333154497_oSmelling the pretty flowers, just before deciding to pee on them. 😉13073069_10153547514706711_493397112_oCherry blossom, so pretty! ❤13064027_10153547266406711_1125044595_oWeee-ha! So happy! ❤ If only we worried less and behaved more like dogs- just have a bath in the cold sea and roll around on the grass, happy as a clam! 😉13007080_10153549755861711_6682629232920370410_nYesterday we went to an Unplugged concert at The Thief, where we learned that Prince was no longer among us. So sad! Overwhelmed with grief, we headed to Vingen Bar for a couple of drinks. The sky was painted pink and I felt somewhat light-hearted thinking of purple rain. I can´t believe I saw him in concert a couple of years ago!13010806_10153549755876711_8734911039407208557_n13051481_10153549755801711_1023832296851449606_nA lovely cocktail with chocolate and whisky, for big girls like me. 😉13082650_10153549755791711_2604837194088843688_nJamming to Aretha Franklin- I will survive right now and feeling the weekend pumping in my veins. 😉 13051555_10153550860406711_2339204509998545701_nMy cute piglet, enjoying the woods. 😉13001298_10153618655000677_8250610258207567837_nBeo, petrified by a little girl. 😉13000458_10153543803201711_1221216240_oI´ll bite your nose, cutie!12987159_10153618655385677_6754510652917790148_n“He doesn´t want to play! I think I´ll just lie here, too.” 😉 Observe the bed chewed by Sammy back when he was a puppy. 😉

xxx, Alina

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