A weekend getaway

Yesterday I had an assignment in Trondheim and so I suggested we should go there on Saturday, so we could have a little bit of time to wander around and eat our way through town. 😉 Which we did- lovely lunch at Baklandet Skydsstasjon on Saturday, hipster coffee at Soil and romantic dinner with a view at Astrum Grill and Raw Bar. 😉

The weather was horrendous, 3 seasons in one day, first sunny, even though it was freezing cold, then it started raining, then snowing, then hailing. Go figure. I was of course not too happy about it, I think winter is long enough as it is in Norway and now spring is long overdue. Oh, well. Nothing to do about it, though.13083215_10153554489061711_6601368665127318794_n

Yesterday started sunny and for a minute we were fooled to consider sitting outside and work on our tan, but before we managed to get some coffee it was already cloudy and 10 minutes later it´d started snowing. And snow turned to hail once again. 13047650_10153554833881711_7899076258671363297_o

So we had our coffee inside and read the newspaper instead. I was feeling a bit annoyed with people again (like I often do lately), it stroke me that we all have the same needs and that having a cup of coffee midday on a Sunday was one of them. And that worked poorly with my lack of patience and slight claustrophobia. Haha! Not easy being me, I tell ya! 😉 Think of what I have to go through being me 24/7! 😉 haha!13048084_10153554833746711_7257132600150783550_o

We stayed at this pretty awesome hotel with lots of interesting architectural angles, as well as artsy interior decoration. It was overlooking the harbour, but I´d asked for either a bath tub or a view and I guess the bath tub came cheaper, ´cause that´s what we got. 😉 haha! It was lovely having a bath, though, so I´m not complaining. 13063872_10153554834256711_2142064378_o

Dinner at the hotel´s Sky bar was a sensual experience, the appetiser was salmon with tapioca pearls, apple, horseradish powder and Jerusalem artichoke mousse. A yummy affair. So were the other two dishes, but I couldn´t be bothered to take pictures of them, since you could see the sun setting in a splash of colour and I was hungry for beauty.13054907_10153554834816711_113498242_o

Yesterday we visited Seams, a lovely shop mainly for gentlemen, but that is about to expand to women´s wear soon enough, too. While their products were mostly from the UK and the States, you could also find a small range of French design with a funny or quirky message, like “dirty dancing” or “the dude”. 😉 And did I mention the shop assistant?! He was so sweet! The kind of guy you want to befriend and invite to your Sunday dinners! 😉 Or take out on a date, if you´re 15 years younger. 😉 haha!13090796_10153554628846711_1450994466_o

We even got coffee, too bad I couldn´t afford anything from the shop (for the time being, don´t worry, I´ll make a strong come-back!), I would have loved these brogues! 😉 You can´t really see the details in the pic, but trust me, they were the loveliest thing I´d touched in a long while! 😉13063432_10153554833596711_1989214169322943391_o

Home safe and sound, back to worries and neurosis. 😉 haha!

Have a good one! ❤

xxx, Alina

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