The Best Brownies Ever


I got this recipe a long time ago from a friend of mine who used to work at Bit, a sort of fast food chain in Norway that sells yummy pastry, brownies and calzone, but also put together-your-own sandwiches. I used to make it a lot in my early cooking days, but after a while I traded it for this one, since it has less sugar and it´s more of a grown-up cake. A couple of days ago, though, someone special wondered if I could bake brownies and I didn´t need to be asked twice! 😉 So here it is, yummy as few and enough to feed a whole army! 😉


4 eggs

350 g sugar

250g butter

50g dark chocolate

200g light chocolate

250 g flour

1 spoon vanilla sugar

1 tea spoon baking powder

100g chopped walnuts

Whip sugar and eggs to eggnog. Melt chocolate and butter in the microwave and let it cool down for a second. Mix with the eggnog, then add flour, vanilla sugar and baking powder. Mix carefully, then add the walnuts. Bake at 180 degrees C for around 20-30 min and powder with some caster sugar.


xxx, Alina

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5 thoughts on “The Best Brownies Ever

  1. Wow, These look really yummy. Weirdly enough I just did a post called ‘Best Bronies Ever’ too! These look even better than mine. Loving your blog and looking forward to following!

    1. Thank you! I borrowed the picture, as I stated in sources, but they looked pretty yummy in real life, too. 😉 And I´m sure yours are just as delish! 😉

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