A candle-lit get-together


Yesterday we invited some friends over for a cosy dinner, to laugh away a dark November Sunday. I made boeuf bourguignon and served it with with red wine, French baguette and butter, in my grandma´s china. Now that´s big for me, since I normally can´t even remember to buy napkins, so everybody´s used to gifting me that every once in a while, or else I present them for a big fat roll of toilet paper. 😉  So there was a festive atmosphere, candle light, “magic bubble water” (we finally got ourselves one of these bubbly water machines), wine and beef stew. Throw in a couple of loud friends, a lovable crew the lot of them, Sam at our feet and Beo stealing our seat as soon as it was left unattended for 5 seconds, and you´ve got the perfect recipe for a long night with lots of fun!


This is Mona, witty and funny, she owns the room and you might just get told if you´re out of place! 😉IMG_7987

Marion and Songsit did an opera duett, to our excitement, something from Carmen, apparently. 😉 The ambience was electric, we sang and we laughed so hard my jaws hurt this morning!IMG_7968


Hall is from Northern Norway and they´re a bit coarse up there, so he introduced us for some “indigenous” expressions and humor that we, plain Southerners, couldn´t grasp without some interpretation. Haha! IMG_7983

Monsieur Franck told us his Parisian family was ok. Tragic carnage this weekend, it´s hard to grasp we live in such a crazy world. On the other hand, people who lived during the first and second world war must have felt it was much worse, a friend of mine observed. :-/IMG_7971

I even got a belated birthday present, although I was born in September, and Sam got to tear up the wrapping paper. 😉 That was so much fun, you have no idea! ❤IMG_7991


“Why Beo, is a lot friendlier than last time!”

” That´s because we didn´t vacuum before you came.”


Glad there´s only two weeks left till December, can’t wait to see people again, this time for Christmas brunch! Have a wonderful November and stay safe!

xxx, Alina

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