Shopping in Copenhagen

Shopping in Copenhagen is definitely more fun than in Oslo! I had a tight budget this time, but that didn´t stop me from scoring a few scoops nonetheless! 😉 It´s tight budgets that set creativity loose, right?

I loved this place- Studio Travel Vintage, which I stumbled upon in the heart of Copenhagen, in a desperate attempt to locate last year´s gem, that had unfortunately closed its doors in the meantime. I´m sucker for high-end vintage, minimalist presentation and good service and this place had all of the above! I´d rather pay twice as much as in a regular store if somebody does the selection beforehand, so I don´t have to spend hours hunting for treasures. The choice was easy here, they had many cashmere sweaters and I found a lovely V-neck one in black, that will probably be a favourite for years and years.  IMG_7606IMG_7611




Another lovely shop was Lokal, where they have a wide range of mid-century ceramics, lamps and furniture, in addition to the Handcrafted Copenhagen jewellery. We found the cutest vase that fits right in our living-room, pictures later!

Last, but not least, we stopped by Afær, which is a very chic store selling vintage and retro stuff, mainly house articles, but also a bit of clothes and accessories. I fell in love with pair of black suede gloves, driving gloves, apparently. Couldn´t find any pictures, though, so you´ll have to trust me on this one.

Book your flights! 😉

xxx, Alina

The last couple of pictures are from

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